Things are heating up as we get into summer at CFS, figuratively and literally.  It’s just June, but the temps are hot, so remember to hydrate BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the workouts.  We continue this week with handstand work and snatch work.  Great improvements are being seen already by everyone.

Many of you are competing in 5k’s, triathlons, and other events in the coming weeks.  Don’t forget to share your events with others, and the successes that you are having from your CrossFit training. It’s great to hear!

This Friday, we have a Lululemon Night at their store at Southpoint Mall.  It runs from 5 pm to 7 pm, and is set up exclusively for CFS members.  There will be light refreshments served, and a discounted men’s and women’s item as well that is perfect for CrossFit.

Congratulations to June’s Athlete of the Month, Stephen Cline. Great job, and read up on him and see some cool pics of him whaling away on his guitar by clicking here

Also, congratulations to Janet, Laurie, and Jaclyn who have all recently completed their CrossFit Trainer Level 1 certifications!  You will begin seeing them shadowing coaches and classes in the coming weeks, observing coaches and athletes, and beginning to add assistance as well.  All of their knowledge and enthusiasm is very much welcomed to CFS.

Schedule notes:

  • CrossFit Express is being discontinued, with the last class being Thursday, June 9th.  We are aligning our core values, and to do what we do best, CrossFit, it is in the best interests to focus our coaching and expertise on one program and one class going on at a time.  All current Express members have been made aware of this change and are ready to jump right in. You will begin seeing them in full CrossFit classes shortly. Welcome them with the open arms you always do. 
  • CrossFIt Kids is on a vacation. Sundays through the end of August.  Our Thursday night class at 5:30 p.m. will still continue as per usual, and continues to grow in size each week! The energy is amazing! Bring your kids to try it out next week. 

Remember our referral program: Effective immediately, anytime you bring a friend in to try out CrossFit Surmount, you get a Fit Aid or Kill Cliff from the fridge on the house!  Furthermore, should that person join, your next month’s membership will be discounted by 15%.  There’s no limit to how many drinks you can earn, and how many months of discounts you can earn either.  You love CrossFit Surmount, and it’s more fun with friends and family, so bring them in and reap the rewards. (Note: This program applies to new members only, not bringing in a former member, though we’d love to see them too)

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….



  • Upside work, a handstand tabata, then a metcon with weight squats or pistols and sit-ups


  • Snatch 3 x 3, and a metcon with light snatches and push-ups and double unders


  • Back to back barbell metcons with deadlifts and presses


  • 10 round metcon with lots of dumbbell movements


  • Benchmark Friday; a girl WOD that shares a name with many of our members


  • 2 person with a time and AMRAP component to it: thrusters and rope climbs (wear the high socks)


  • Hero WOD with a plate carry and heavy cleans



  • Benchmark like girl WOD, same as CrossFit’s Friday


  • 7 rounds metcon with dumbbell movements