Our big fundraiser, the Marathon Row, is this upcoming Saturday June 29th.  That day we will have our regularly scheduled classes at 8:30 and 9:45, but at 8 am, some of our rowers will take off.  We have at least a dozen if not more taking on this challenge in one way or another.  We are raising funds for Chaney’s Champions, and have already crushed our goals, but let’s keep it coming!  Coach Erika has generously secured a DJ from 9-11, so this will help out both classes and our rowers keep motivated!  Doza has posted a link to the sign up sheet (a Google doc), and there is also one at the box to reserve a rower, jump on a team, or form a team or go solo.  Also, for those of you who may not have the time, we will have an all day challenge to see who can row the fastest 500, 1k, and 2k times.  Jump on a free rower at any time to see what your PR is for a chance to win some nice donated prizes from Rogue and Lululemon.   All proceeds from the fundraising event will go towards Chaney’s Champions.  Go to https://chaneyschampions.org/about/ to learn more about this great charity with lots of ties to CFS, most notably Lee Worsely.  Looking forward to an awesome day at CFS! 

This week, programming wise is a mystery…at least to the members.  It fits in with what we having been doing, just it won’t be posted online the night before.  It has some really fun workouts ahead. Only way to find out what it is, is come to the box.   You will see on Wodify the workout in just numbers. For example it may say: 5 rounds for time of 15? 15? 15?.   You’ll still put your score in during the class as per usual. For those of you who come to earlier classes, please try to avoid spilling the beans to others.  One thing that will not be a secret is the strength portion of the class, that way you can still enter your weights and track progress on those.  Also we have a benchmark workout in there this week (won’t say when), and that will also pop up in Wodify, so you can again track your progress on that.  The goal of this week is just to add a little fun to the programming and not knowing what you’re walking into. I will say, no rope climbs this week, so don’t worry about having to wear long socks. 

June’s challenge is almost up, and dedicated to Izzy, it’s toes to bar.  Get in and put some on the board, let’s get everyone up there! 

The Ragnar Relay Trail race forr October 5-6th outside of Charlotte is slowly getting closer. Let me know if you’d like to join the team. We need 8 people total, 4 ladies, 4 men.  So far, we have myself, Heather C, Jeff Hartman, and Dave Bock committed.  Reach out to me if you are serious about joining our team. 

Our CFS Men’s Softball had an amazing end to their season. After starting 1-9, we finished the regular season winning 4 of 6. However that was still a last place regular season finish. But we were made for the playoffs, rolling through those and catching fire, but just coming up short losing in the championship game after winning 30-9 to force a decisive game. Our hard work earned a nice little trophy for the box.  We had a great time, and will be back at it in the fall. Special thanks to Tom for managing the team, and our sponsor Brewster’s Pub. 

Our Pre-teens class in on vacation until August, as Coach Mirka is in Europe for a bit. We finished this session with a great class on Sunday!  Our Thursday Kids class ends this Thursday then will also be off for the month of July for summer break. We’ll be back in August with some fun new exciting programming! 

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This week….
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• Regular classes, but also the Marathon Row starts at 8 am! 

• Solo workout then a partner finish