Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July holiday and weekend. Some tough workouts over those few days, and the past few weeks.  This week we’ll de-load a bit on our weightlifting to recover.  Looks like we may get a little break from the heat too, but probably not the humidity.  

We have many new members recently, and in the spirit of our community and fun, we’ll be having an informal get together this Friday the 12th at 7 pm at Glory Days in Apex, off Kelly Rd.  Just come and grab a bite and a drink with your box-mates, and meet some new members as well. This is a family friendly place. Looking forward to seeing people out there! 

This week, programming wise we are finally at de-load week. Next week we will have some fun workouts, some will be intense, others will be longer and lower intensity. Following our de-load week we will be testing some lifting but mainly some Open workouts since we will be entering our last phase before the Pre-Competition phase. This simply means that we will be working on building our barbell cycling endurance, our gymnastics endurance and we will be working on increasing our capacity in Open style time frames.

July’s challenge is Turkish get-ups. These are a great way to warm-up and cool down, or just a general strength builder.  Former coach James used to always warm-up with a set of TGU’s before each class.  Pick any weight that challenges you.  If you haven’t done them before, ask a coach to guide you through your first set.  

We’re putting in another order of shirts since many people expressed they would like one  that didn’t get in on the last order. They are the same design as the ones we got in May. Please put your name down on the sheets at the box at the front desk.  

CORE starts this week, Tuesday the 9th. We have 2 spots left before it’s filled up.  It runs for 6 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5:30 to 7, and Sundays at 10 am.  Sign up is also at the box by the monitors.  

The Ragnar Relay Trail race for October 5-6th outside of Charlotte is slowly getting closer. After running this morning with Craig and the crew, I’m extra excited. We need to finalize our team soon. We have myself, Dave Bock, Jeff Hartman confirmed for the guys – need 1 more definite, I know many have expressed interest.  On the female side, Heather and Kaitlin have confirmed, so need 2 more there.  Let me know, and then we can start planning who is bringing what, what legs who is running, and we’ll start some trail runs together.  

Our Pre-teens class in on vacation until August, as Coach Mirka is in Europe for a bit. We finished this session with a great class on Sunday!  Our Thursday Kids class is on break as well. We’ll be back in August with some fun new exciting programming! 

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This week….
• Clean and jerk – light by often; 1 minute intervals of bike, pistols, box jumps

• Pull up and muscle-up work; metcon of snatches and burpees

• Push press for strength; AMRAP of 400m runs, DB clean and jerks, wall walks

• Bench press then a benchmark workout with 1 minute rounds

• Fast front squats; Row, toes to bar, push-up EMOM

• Partner workout…  

• Dumbells and running with a partner