The CrossFit Games start Wednesday. The events unveiled so far look awesome, and some great challenges for the athletes. To be determined, we’ll do a team event from the Games as our workout on Saturday. It will be fun to watch and see how we do.  Who you got to win? I know it’s nothing shocking, but I just don’t see anyone beating Mat Fraser. On the ladies side, I’m picking Katrin Davidsdottir.  Here’s your chance to play a little fun game too. Pick your top 10 women, men, and teams to win, and whoever is the most accurate will win a $25 Whole Foods gift card. The password is CFS, and the link is here:
Programming wise, after a very tough week last week, and a build up over the last month, we’ll have a de-load week this week.  That means still tough workouts, but just a little less volume and weight.  If you have been coming consistently, you need a de-load week whether you think so or not.  Depending on how you feel, you can push the workouts this week a little harder, it’s up to you.  
We had a solid turnout for swimming on Saturday. Coach Brandon is a great coach for adults and kids alike. As you saw if you were there, he has a great technical eye, and presents it in a way that’s easy to learn.  If you’d like a lesson with him for you or your kids, you can find him at 
Speaking of swimming, this Sunday, Tom P and Mac will be competing in the Summer Splash Competition at CrossFit Pathway. It has a fun swimming and thruster WOD to kick things off. Come and cheer them on!  
There’s still space for our Teenage Girl Program, it started Monday the 16th, but if you know someone interested they can still get in and join. So far, early feedback has been great, and the girls are surprising themselves with some great strength showings!
Email for more info. We hope to really grow this program down the road to include visits from professionals in different areas to teach the participants even more than fitness.  
This month’s challenge ends Tuesday, how fast can you do 50 wall ball shots? You can try as many times as you want to get your best time, but can only do so in one of the “divisions”.  Those divisions being weight of the med ball and height of the target.  Challenge yourself on these, no sandbagging!  Two days left, STILL I am trying to get 1 second off to catch Dave Bock at the 20# mark. Get those times in! I hope you all are just waiting til Tuesday to put in your best effort.  
There will be no CrossFit Kids on Thursday August 9th, Coach Nick will be out of town. 
Remember, we offer nutrition services to help you meet your goals. You can’t out train a bad diet, and as an athlete you need fuel your body like the sports car it is! Whether you want to lose weight, get meal prep ideas, take it to the next level with macros, fuel for an upcoming competition, or maybe even gain weight, we can help. Schedule an appointment right here to start it off…

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This week….


  • One arm presses; EMOM with burpees and sprints


  • Lateral strength building; 4 round metcon, 1 minute intervals


  • Box handstand push-ups, bench press; metcon with DB’s, deadlifts, and pull-ups


  • Partner Thursday, running and barbell complex


  • Power cleans, back squats; metcon all bodyweight for conditioning and speed


  • TBD 2018 Games Event


  • Push press; power snatch and toes to bar metcon