Week 1 of our new programming format in my opinion was great! I heard a lot of great feedback, and no doubt challenging. Some of those warm-ups alone are like mini-metcons.  Remember, the accessory work and/or conditioning is optional, and also can be scaled many ways. Lots of times in class we may not have time to review in detail what those movements are, so I include YouTube links in Wodify for your to see, and of course do not hesitate to ask a coach either.  Week 2 looks like another fun one with some new challenges ahead and good weightlifting work.  

4th of July is around the corner. We’ll have 2 sessions that day, early to beat the heat and allow everyone to get to their cookouts, pool, etc…  Classes that day will be 7 am and 8:30 am ONLY.  We will be completing hero WOD “Josie”.  It looks tough, as it should be, and as usual can be scaled in many ways.  Come dressed in your most patriotic and fun red, white, and blue apparel for a chance to win a prize and be crowned Mr. or Ms. America! 
Coach Jay’s Crossover Symmetry Clinic was great. All those who participated learned so much, and will have stronger shoulders for it for sure! 
July 21st, we’ll be a host for The Special Olympics WOD for Inclusion.  This supports Special Olympics of North Carolina, a great cause. Find our team’s page here:  https://give.classy.org/CrossFitSurmount
You don’t have to register to participate in the workout, but if you want a shirt and want to donate to a great cause, deadline to register for the shirt is July 9th.  Of course you can donate and register though anytime. 
June’s challenge of sit-ups came to an end today. I think as a box we did over 15,000 sit-ups! That’s amazing!  I always love the dedication of people getting in a little extra work each class.  This month of July, a little bit different.  This month, it’s not a cumulative challenge, but rather how fast can you do 50 wall ball shots? You can try as many times as you want to get your best time, but can only do so in one of the “divisions”.  Those divisions being weight of the med ball and height of the target.  Challenge yourself on these, no sandbagging!  Looking forward to some fast times and everyone becoming more efficient on these. Remember, its like a thruster but you get to throw the “barbell”.  Drive through the heels, aggressive hips, and use both arms for the push.
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This week….


  • Barbell complex for strength; 15 minute AMRAP with wall balls, dumbbells, v-ups


  • Long chipper with rowing/running intervals


  • Hero WOD “Josie”


  • Mid-week partner action in an 18 minute AMRAP


  • Technical snatch work; 24 minute EMOM with sprints and KB swings


  • Teams of 2, running and too much to list, a fun one! 🙂


  • Clean and jerks and burpees all in a metcon! WOOO!