New members continue to flow in, and we thank all of you who are spreading the gospel of CFS! The majority of our new members come in through word of mouth, we greatly appreciate it! And as we all know, it’s more fun to workout with friends anyway.  Continue to introduce yourselves and be as welcoming as always.

For those of you wanting friends or family to join, we are doing a group Foundations session this Saturday the 22nd at 8 am – 9:30 and then followed up by session two on Monday the 24th from 6 pm to 8:30.  Let Meredith or I know if someone would like to begin.  We also are still offering the one-on-one Foundations as we have in the past.

Week 3 of Ben Bergeron’s programming continues.  More stamina squats this week, increasing the weights, decreasing the reps. Training this week will hit on just about everything, as a good week should.  This week also includes 3 Hero WODS.

This week, you’ll continue to see some accessory work added into the end of the programming as well.  This is some additional work that you can do on your own after class, or if time allows with the class in each session.

As previously announced, due to a review of our insurance policies, we have updated our Kids Policy. This is noted at the box, and all parents/guardians bringing a child to the box are required to review and sign the new document.  The main driver here is of course everyone’s safety, one of our core values. With this though, we want to continue to encourage a family environment, another core value. So on July 29th, at 11 am, we’ll have a special Family WOD. This is free to all CFS families. Bring your kids of any age, for a fun family team event.

August 26th is our next Intrabox Team Competition.  This is a 4 person, co-ed event.  I will have a sign-up form at the box soon for teams to register.  We will have an Rx and Intermediate division, with standards of each to come soon. Start gathering your teams now!

Don’t forget, BINGO is still going, for the first to fill their whole card. $15 of food/drink and a Fit Aid shirt/tank of your choice is up for grabs.  Pick up your own bingo card at the front desk, complete the activities to mark off squares, and win some swag!

There is also a sign up sheet at the front desk if you didn’t get one of the new shirts.  And we also are doing a pre-order for some slick looking trucker hats.  Both orders will be placed this Friday the 21s, so if you want one, now’s the time.  The hats are low profile and very comfortable.  We will soon be working on a new t-shirt design to come out soon.

The Tuna Run is approaching faster than you think.  Stephen Cline has captained a team, and is looking for runners. Send him a message, or reach out to him in person if you’re interested in a fun run to the ocean!

Schedule Note:

  • No yoga this Wednesday night, 7/20. 

Remember our referral program: Anytime you bring a friend in to try out CrossFit Surmount, you get a Fit Aid or Kill Cliff from the fridge on the house! Furthermore, should that person join, your next month’s membership will be discounted by 15%.  Many of you have brought in new members recently, and will see that discount in your next invoice.  There’s no limit to how many drinks you can earn, and how many months of discounts you can earn either.  You love CrossFit Surmount, and it’s more fun with friends and family, so bring them in and reap the rewards. (Note: This program applies to new members only, not bringing in a former member, though we’d love to see them too)

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….


  • More stamina squats – heavier but less reps; and a metcon of situps and overhead lunges


  • Clean and jerks, then a metcon with medball cleans and carries


  • A shorter gymnastics hero wod, followed by a running and core metcon


  • Squat clean work, then a snatch and box jump metcon


  • A new hero wod, honoring 5 fallen police officers


  • 2 person team workout with rowing, wall balls, deadlifts, and sprints


  • Endurance Sunday: Hero WOD with thrusters, pull-ups, and running