Ok for real, where is the rock!?!?  Matt Clayton, last known to be with you.  You’ll be brought to full trial shortly.  

Ok, had to start with that…. LOL

Things at the box continue to roll well, and I thank everyone for their flexibility with classes, schedule, and amazing working keeping equipment, spaces, and the gym as a whole clean. Thank you all for that!  

In terms of the programming coming up, after 4 weeks of re-introduction, we had a few weeks of some intense stuff, capped off by today (Sunday) and the hero WOD, Tara.  I know Thursday with the 10 rounds of devil’s presses was something special!  And so this week, time for a little de-load. Some lighter loads lifting wise, and some lighter loads in the metcon.  Not easier, just lighter, and the opportunity for you to de-intensify if you so desire.  The week after next, we’ll have some good tests to see where we are at.

Our July Athlete of the Month is Sarah Henry. Sarah started her CrossFit journey with a partner WOD that resulted in a little front parking lot puking.  But nevertheless, she came back and has brought the energy and effort every class! Check out her story here, and congratulate next time you see her!

Check out Sarah by clicking Here

Our weekly reminder on COVID-19 protocols at the box:

  • Limiting class size 12 athletes + 1 coach (13 total), each with a designated spot on the floor/rig.  Mandatory to sign in to reserve a spot in Wodify.  If you reserve a spot, and can’t make it, cancel your reservation so someone else get sign in.  If the spots are full, you can get on the waiting list should one open up.  Class reservations open 24 hours in advance.  I don’t think we will ever have to worry about this, but if an athlete misses a reservation without a valid reason, the second and subsequent misses will be a $15 charge
  • Class times spread out to allow proper departure and arrival times between classes and needed cleaning time. 
  • Programming will limit equipment changes and usage
  • Front door open and garage bays open
  • No Kids classes in the gym, and no kids allowed in the gym 
  • More cleanings, including the floor after classes, and sanitizer products on hand for each athlete 
  • Each athlete will have a spray bottle with disinfectant and a fresh towel to wipe equipment off, and their space.  Please spray onto the towel, then wipe the equipment.  For the floors, no need to scrub the floors, just mist with the disinfectant, then we’ll come around with the floor scrubber after.
We will also ask that you as members do your part for keeping you safe and your health the top priority. It’s a two way street. That means, but not exclusively: 
  • Cleaning ALL your equipment and anything you touch
  • Maintaining social distancing and giving long distance fist bumps and high fives after the workout
  • Not using the computers up front to sign in and log in scores, do that on your app or computer before/after class
  • If able, we strongly recommend bringing a yoga mat for your personal workout spot. This will allow you to keep your spot clean and limit touching the floor. Take it home, clean it, bring it back again. 
  • Washing your hands before and after class and use the new hand sanitizer station up front
  • If you are the slightest sick, you stay home, end of story.  I know we have all done it, myself included, the old “yeah I got a little cold, but I need to sweat it out” and we come to the gym.  Not anymore. Stay home if you have any of the slightest of symptoms. 

Again, from me and all the coaches, we cannot stress enough how overwhelmed we have been with you support through this challenging time for all of us. Thank you so much.  As we start a new month, and what we have laid out above isn’t for you, please reach out to Nick to discuss membership options for you going forward.

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This week….

• Snatch EMOM – full squats, not super heavy; metcon of 400s and squats

•  Metcon of thrusters, burpees, ground to overhead

• Back squats, light and slow; 16 minute AMRAP of double unders, rowing, bar muscle-ups, toes to bar

• Endurance metcon – longer runs/rows mixed in with DB snatches and clean and jerks

• Bent over rows + wall climbs for quality; burpees and wall balls for speed! 

• Partner workout with social fitnessing – sit-ups, pull-ups, overhead squats

• Mystery day….