One week down, 51 to go! Love the start everyone is on, let’s keep it going all year.  “Chad” was certainly a tough one, as it should be, and congrats to all who did it, or any version of it.  2019 is going to be another awesome year at CFS, we have lots planned in addition to all our traditional events.  If you have friends or family that are interested in joining, please act now, as we will be capping membership very shortly to maintain our community feel and atmosphere.  

Barbell Club will have a different look in 2019, and a new name… CORE! This stands for Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, Recovery, and Efficiency.  This will be led by Coach Jay, with programming and assistance from Lauren Connell and Ashlee Bullock, some of our most veteran and well respected athletes.  This will meet on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am to 11:30 in 6 week cycles. The first cycle will begin on Sunday February 3rd and have a focus on the snatch!  So you ask, what exactly is different about this then our CrossFit classes? This will be for the athlete looking to improve in the areas of skill work, strength and endurance, and recovery with a focus on a specific lift each 6 week session (this one is snatch as previously mentioned). Still very much like the format of previous Barbell Club, but with more focus on the other areas to help build long term sustainable health and progress in your fitness journey. Ask me, Coach Jay, Lauren, or Ashlee for more details.  The cost is $60 for the 6 week program, and sign-ups will be live at the box later this week on a clipboard. We are capping this to 15 athletes. 


Programming wise, we’ll have some very intense workouts, with the goal of improving overall fitness. We’ll start to introduce some past Open workouts as well to start prepping and see where we’re at for that.  Also, we’ll have a benchmark Hero workout this week, and we’ll start to add at least one a month in going forward, as we all like those challenges and to see where we stand.

Wait, what is this Open you speak of? Only the coolest 5 weeks of the year for CrossFit boxes!  It’s the best time at CFS, 5 weeks of tons of energy, passion, amazing community, fun, and epic performances. Ask a coach or veteran more about it, but more info will be coming out soon and the intramural team aspect of it as well! 

As we wrapped up 2018,  this link has some cool stats from Wodify on the year. Check it out here: Wodify

Schedule notes this week and upcoming:

• No CrossFit Kids this week, January 10th, as Coach Nick will be in Seattle to getting his Level 2 CrossFit Trainer Certification. 

January’s challenge comes from the mind of Coach Doza – a dead hang challenge. Accumulate as much time hanging from a bar as you can in the month.  Dead hangs will help so much, and will be a big help towards improving or getting pull-ups.  Here is a great article Doza found regarding this topic.  

We’ll also be adding another CrossFit Kids class in 2019. This will be on Sundays from 11 to 11:45 am with Coach Mirka Budlong, and designed for kids ages 9-12, as we start to introduce the barbell a little more. Mirka is a certified Kids trainer, an L1 CrossFit trainer, and a PE teacher.  She has a wealth of knowledge and an awesome attitude. She’ll incorporate portions of CrossFit kids training, as well as the Brand X method.  This will begin on February 3rd. Just like our other Kids class, it will be via punch card. 5 classes for $50, 10 for $90, and 15 for $120.  You need not be a member for your kid to participate, so if you know anyone who would be interested, let them know as well.  First class is free, come try it out! 

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This week….
• Gymnastics EMOM; metcon of running and hang power cleans, and an extra optional metcon of burpee fun!

•  Power snatches; metcon of pistols, double unders, hand stand push-ups

• Back squats; metcon of DB snatches, toes to bar, wall balls

• Benchmark Hero WOD w/ push press, KBS, and box jumps

• Dead lift and thruster EMOM followed by a past Open workout

• Partner day – 30 minutes of beary fun work

• Front rack lunges; 13 minute AMRAP with power cleans, toes to bar, and handstand walks!