Happy New Year! What a year 2020 was!  Crazy to think back on… zoom classes, lending out all the equipment in the gym, workouts in living rooms and garages, workouts in parking lots, spacing, and sanitizing, sanitizing, and more sanitizing! What. A. Year!  And we could not have made it without everyone’s support, flexibility, and awesome attitudes.  THANK YOU!  In a year of chaos, we strived to provide at least a little stability with some fitness to help your health, and we hope we helped at least a little bit in that area.  As we head into 2021, that theme will continue – delivering a safe, fun, and supportive environment to offer you the “best hour of your day” with some friends and family to help you in your fitness journey and goals.  We long for those big fun social fitness events, and let’s all hope we get back to those soon.  The Open is just around the corner in March, and it’ll be almost 18 months since our last Open. I’m itching to get after it again, and I hope you are too.  Let’s kick off 2021 with a bang this week, keep working hard, keep staying safe, and we’ll be back to the way things were and should be soon! 

If you ordered a shirt, tank, hoodie, or crewneck, they are in. A few of you still need to grab yours. Ask a coach to grab yours, and mark your name off the list. If you missed out on the pre-order, we do have a few extra shirts, and very limited hoodies and crewnecks. Just mark it on the index card if you get one, but please confirm first that we have extras. 

Congratulations to Stefan on being named our Athlete of the Month for January 2021. He is off to Baylor for college in August, but will be crushing metcons  and more back squat PRs with us until then.  Read up on him here:


The 2021 Open was announced to start on March 11 and run 3 weeks! Different from our usual 5 weeks, just means more fun in a shorter amount of time.  Fingers crossed we can safely hold big events at the box and enjoy this awesome time of year at the gym.  Registration opens soon, and our programming will be tailored to ramp up for this starting next week.  A new format has those who finish in the top 10% qualifying for the next 2 weeks of competition, and I know we have several members who that is very attainable. 

Programming this week, week 1 is the first week on road to the 2021 CrossFit Games Open. We are beginning our fitness phase and this means that our main focus from now until March will be to increase our overall fitness. Here’s what you can expect:

Metcons (excluding Thursday and Sundays)
You’ll get mostly 7-12 minutes, 1 long and light and 1 long and heavy.
We’re also going to be working on a couplet progression that is designed to help athletes improve their performances on short intense couplets. You’ll see these mostly on Tuesdays. This progression will use a similar format BUT we will make sure movements aren’t always the same.

Strength will be maintained with at least 1 squat session per week and some Olympic weightlifting sessions.

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This week….

• Back squats with pistols; 10 minute AMRAP of barbell, followed by a 3 rep max challenge

• Hurdles, yep, hurdles!  Then thruster and calorie sprint interval metcon

• Overhead squats; metcon of chest to bar and DB snatches

• An Open workout from 2019! Get on your boat

• Clean technical work; EMOM of cleans and box jumps

• Partner AMRAP from Coach Seth – barbell movements and bike/row/ski

• Kettlebells, dumbbells, double unders – lots of all of those!