Congrats to all those who competed this weekend at The Sua Sponte Games. We had a huge showing of teams, and fans, as always.  Competitors included Chris and Asia Marion, Jaclyn, Alex and Brian Covington, Lee, Chante, Mike Allen, Craig, and I.  Everyone had a great time, had some PRs, some laughs, and lots of fitness fun.  We definitely represented well, and crushed a lot of those workouts. The fan support was huge too! Looking forward to the next competition soon!

Speaking of competitions….Registration for the 2018 CrossFit Games is now open. Sign up, and get in, so you can also be added to one of our Intramural Teams for the CFS Games. Deadline to sign up is February 9th to be on an Intramural Team. We have shirts this year as well to commemorate The Open. Nice green ones, that will work well for St. Patrick’s Day too that is during The Open. The deadline to order those is this Friday the 2nd, pre-order only, sign-ups at the front desk. For more info on the Intramurals, The Open, etc… ask a coach, a veteran member, or grab one of the hard copies of the document at the box.  

Programming this week includes another Open workout from the past to start feeling those out, plus some solid strength pieces to get us ready for those potential movements we’ll see. 

Eric Hoeckberg (Coach Erika’s hubby) had the first of his two weightlifting clinics this weekend.  The Snatch Clinic was a huge success and rave reviews are rolling in! This Sunday coming up, we have the Clean and Jerk Clinic hosted by Eric as well. It’s all sold out, but we’ll be sure to have more of these after The Open due to the high demand and great feedback.  If you cannot attend this weekend and have reserved a spot, let me know ASAP so we can fill that, as we have a wait list.  

Our 24-hour event is coming VERY soon!  It’s February 10th and 11th.  Share with your friends who are CrossFitters elsewhere and have them come drop-in for a workout.  We have confirmed people coming from at least 3 other CrossFits around the area.  Those nighttime and early morning ones will need some people for sure to keep the energy flowing.  You can find the details on our Facebook page.  But in short, we’ll run a hero workout every hour for 24 straight hours. These will all be team workouts, so you can do more than one over the 24 hours. This is not a competition, nor is it intended for people to do all 24 workouts. Rather you pick a few workouts, partner and team up (and they can be different people for different workouts) and attack a few hero workouts for a great cause. That cause being pediatric cancer research.  The organization is, one that is close to Meredith and I from our Penn State days where they held a 48 hour dance marathon to also raise funds for pediatric cancer.

January’s challenge is almost up…. calories on the bike! Keep pedaling!  Pauline has been crushing it the past week and is in a strong spot for the win, but lots of people with big numbers right behind her. The goal of course is that everyone got real familiar with those, and got some extra fitness in as well.  Nice work! 

Mike Allen and some fellow CFS-ers are in need of 2 more people to run the Ragnar Trail Race in Richmond on April 27th.  I ran it last year, and it is an absolute super fun weekend of running and camping all together with friends.  Really anyone who is at CFS is able to do it, no need to be an expert runner.  Reach out to Mike if you’re interested.  

Reminder,  we’re going to try out a 5:30 am class on Monday’s only. That means there will be a 6:30 class as well that morning, and no class at 6 am.  This will run for 4 weeks: the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th to see how it works out.  As the 6 am class has become easily our most popular, and especially on Mondays, my hope is this will help, and allow our coaches to better coach the class sizes.  


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This week….


  • Overhead squats; ascending reps of bent over rows, burpees, and overhead squats


  • Open “test” metcon – chipper style of lots of movements we’ll see in The Open


  • Press-push press-push jerk series followed by a dumbbell metcon


  • 1 minute intervals with the rower, a barbell, and sprints; core work to finish up


  • 3 position power clean work; Open workout from last year


  • Partner Hero Workout with a “seven” theme


  • Endurance Sunday: Super Bowl workout, 4 quarters of endurance, maybe overtime?