Hard to believe 1 month of 2020 is already down.  I gotta say, the momentum of the new year hasn’t slowed, and everyone’s consistency hitting classes has been impressive.  Keep up the hard work. I posted on Instagram something earlier this week, paraphrasing here, but basically I said “if it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing”.  And after being safe, fun is our next objective. I feel strongly that if you are safe, then have fun, that breeds consistency.  And if you are consistent, and then slowly ramp up intensity with good mechanics, that is the magic potion to results and performance.  Keep it up CFS-ers! 

The Sua Sponte Games is a local competition coming up on February 8th, it’s always well run and has 3 divisions, all for either male-male, male-female, or female-female.  Right now, we have EIGHT, yes 8! teams signed up to represent CFS! Truly awesome.  Much like The Open, yes it’s a competition, but the goal at least for me is push myself harder than normal and have fun, and we’ll see how the results end up. 

This week, programming wise, it’s test time! We’ll test 3 lifts and 2 gymnastics movements, plus a metcon test with a classic CrossFit girls benchmark workout. Should be a fun week and a tough one!  Remember with the 1 rep max lifts especially, you won’t always hit PRs, and the longer you do CrossFit, the harder they are to hit.  Listen to your coaches this week especially as they coach you. If they see that form starting to go in an attempt for a 1RM, we’re going to stop you, as safety is always our top priority.  What’s a 1 rep max worth anyways if you can’t function for a week because of it? 

CORE is ready to rev back up, it starts officially on February 11th, and now OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT!!  Next session will be in early spring if you missed out on this chance.  But say you still need some Coach Jay in your life….

Well then, Coach Jay is hosting a Mobility 101 clinic on February 1st at 11 am at the box.  Jay is a top notch physical therapist, and his knowledge of how the body moves, and how you can get the best of out it is unmatched! Come to this interactive clinic and learn how to stay mobile and bulletproof.  This is $10 for members, $20 for non-members. Sign up sheets are at the front desk and filling up fast! 

Axe throwing is scheduled on February 22nd at 5 pm. Thanks to Janet for setting that up. Let her know if you are in so we can save you a spot, and make sure to pay her upfront as well. Should be a fun night out as a group! 

This month’s challenge is  nearly over, and wow, how are those calves feeling? It is most double unders or single unders.  We have a few making a run at that 10K! Love the dedication I have seen from everyone, and the friendly competition to get better and do more. It makes us all better! 

And lastly, it’s 3 months out, but I know spaces will go fast once we release final details. World-class coach Michele Letendre is coming back to CFS for 2 days of clinics for our members. Michele is the mastermind behind our programming, and coach to some of the fittest in the world, including Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath, along with being a former Games athlete herself.  She’s coming from Montreal just for us. If you experienced her clinics last year, you know how fun and informative they are, you won’t be disappointed.  More info to come, but it will be two separate days of clinics on April 18th and 19th. 

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This week….
• 1 rep max back squat!  AMRAP or cardio, wall balls, pull-ups

• 1 rep max push jerk! running and power cleans

• Max reps of a movement on the bar/rings; thrusters and toes to bar

• 3 rep deadlift max; a Nasty benchmark; max calories on a bike in :90 if you want extra fun 🙂

• Max reps upside down; 5 minute amraps of box jumps, step ups, and sit-ups (GHDs);  max distance on the rower in 6 minutes for an extra fun test 

• Cardio buy in, followed by kettlebell actions 

• Partner barbell chipper, done in :20 increments