It’s officially Open Season! Registration for the 2018 CrossFit Games is now open. Sign up, and get in, so you can also be added to one of our Intramural Teams for the CFS Games.  What is it? Check out the word doc on our Facebook page, or grab a hard copy at the box next time you’re in, or just ask a coach or veteran member.  It’s going to be a great time to be at CFS!

Speaking of the Open, prep for that will continue with our cycle in our metcon and strength workout.  This week we’ll add in an old Open workout to see how those feel, and also a newer short one, where we’ll judge and count reps for each other to prep for that aspect of the games. Speaking of programming, see the below paragraph in green on upcoming changes that will improve our programming, and make things more dynamic and fun than they already are.

The Sua Sponte Games are this upcoming Saturday. We have 6 teams competing: Chris Marion and me, Chante and Lee, Mike Allen and Craig, Alex and Jaclyn, and Asia and Brian C.  Come out and support CFS if you have some time. We don’t have any heat times yet, but likely an all day event, located at 1125 W NC Highway 54, Durhamn, NC 27707.

Eric Hoeckberg (Coach Erika’s hubby) will be hosting 2 clinics on Olympic lifts in the next two weekends. Eric has too many certs to list, but know he’s the man when it comes to these things.  These clinics filled up fast, so we’ll have more in April/May after the Open.  The first is this Sunday the 28th 11:30 am with the snatch, then on Feb 4th is the clean and jerk.  Those who claimed a spot, let me know right away if you cannot make it, as we have a wait list.  

All your coaches met last week, and we will be using all that experience and brain power to begin collaborative programming after The Open. What does that mean?  It means all coaches will be getting together at our monthly meetings and doing our programming together to ensure we are meeting all the needs of you, our members, and it’s constantly varied, and driving results.  Up to this point, it has always been just me, and I think it’s a great idea (James’ I believe it was) that we can all come together and meet our members’ needs better. I’m in total agreement, and I think this larger view will help diversify the programming and add so many different layers in. I’m excited for this to get rolled out.

The CrossFit Open starts in February, the 22nd to be exact, and registration is open at  Make sure to select CrossFit Surmount as your affiliate. The Open is the Super Bowl of CrossFit for affiliates. What is the CrossFit Open? Check it out here and you’ll hear more about in class very shortly. New this year at CFS,  the individual format and the CrossFit Surmount Super Secret 6th Event! All sorts of fun ahead! 

4 new barbells are on the way this week (weather delayed them last wee)- two 45# bars and two 35# bars, to meet our growing needs, especially when we have Barbell Club going on which is growing as well. 

Our 24-hour event is coming VERY soon!  It’s February 10th and 11th.  Share with your friends who are CrossFitters elsewhere and have them come drop-in for a workout.  Those nighttime and early morning ones will need some people for sure to keep the energy flowing.  You can find the details on our Facebook page.  But in short, we’ll run a hero workout every hour for 24 straight hours. These will all be team workouts, so you can do more than one over the 24 hours. This is not a competition, nor is it intended for people to do all 24 workouts. Rather you pick a few workouts, partner and team up (and they can be different people for different workouts) and attack a few hero workouts for a great cause. That cause being pediatric cancer research.  The organization is, one that is close to Meredith and I from our Penn State days where they held a 48 hour dance marathon to also raise funds for pediatric cancer.

Reminder,  we’re going to try out a 5:30 am class on Monday’s only. That means there will be a 6:30 class as well that morning, and no class at 6 am.  This will run for 4 weeks: the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th to see how it works out.  As the 6 am class has become easily our most popular, and especially on Mondays, my hope is this will help, and allow our coaches to better coach the class sizes.  

January’s challenge is calories on the bike! We’re off to a big start, and I love seeing those fans on them move.  It’s a great warmup as well, and a great way to have an active recovery and cool down. Get pedaling! We’ll have the 5th bike fixed on Wednesday. All that action on them means they also need attention sooner, and we’re on it.

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This week….


  • Back rack lunges; chipper metcon with some oft neglected movements, and rope climbs (wear proper clothing)


  • Snatch work, power clean work, and a kettlebell metcon


  • 3, 5 minute intervals with front squats, double unders, and burpee box jumps;


  • Open workout from 2014 and midline stabilization after


  • New Open workout with partner judging, big sets of core work


  • Team “Girl” benchmark


  • Endurance Sunday: Hero WOD, always tough