The new year is well underway and with it brought a lot of new members. We love the energy being brought in and thanks to all our members for being so welcoming. We’ll get a chance to hang out and meet each more there, this Friday at Glory Days in Apex. Come out to an informal gathering at Glory Days in the Publix complex starting around 7. Family and friends welcome! 

The Sua Sponte Games is a local competition coming up on February 8th, it’s always well run and has 3 divisions, all for either male-male, male-female, or female-female.  Right now, we have NINE, yes 9! teams signed up to represent CFS! Truly awesome.  Much like The Open, yes it’s a competition, but the goal at least for me is push myself harder than normal and have fun, and we’ll see how the results end up. 

This week, programming wise, we are officially on our last week of the strength bias cycle. Next week will have lots of heavy lifts and you’ll also notice we have a few metcons with some pretty high reps. Lots of burpees also! 🙂  After this week we will be testing some of the work we’ve been doing but also we will be testing some things that will appear in the next training cycle

CORE is ready to rev back up, it starts officially on February 11th!  6 weeks of awesomeness, and limited spots available.  Little schedule change though, as Sunday’s class will not be 1 to 2:30 pm. Same time still on Tuesdays and Thursdays – 5:30 to 7 pm.  Let me, Coach Jay, or Ashlee or Lauren know if you are in.  Rumor is there are shirts in the works too! $60 is the fee for the 6 week program.  Sign up sheets will be up soon for this.

Speaking of Coach Jay, he is hosting a Mobility 101 clinic on February 1st at 11 am at the box.  Jay is a top notch physical therapist, and his knowledge of how the body moves, and how you can get the best of out it is unmatched! Come to this interactive clinic and learn how to stay mobile and bulletproof.  This is $10 for members, $20 for non-members. Sign up sheets will be up soon for this as well. 

Axe throwing is scheduled on February 22nd at 5 pm. Thanks to Janet for setting that up. Let her know if you are in so we can save you a spot, and make sure to pay her upfront as well. Should be a fun night out as a group! 

Parking update, the complex has kindly asked us to respect other businesses in the complex in regards to parking.  Please only use the 5 spaces in front of CFS to park. If those are taken, then you can use any of the spaces that are on the 64 side of the lot. But please try to avoid parking in front of other businesses in the complex.  We are CrossFitters, a little extra walk won’t hurt. Thank you for your cooperation on this as well. 

This month’s challenge is most double unders or single unders. Our gym challenge started January 1 and goes through the month.  It ties in with the RPM 10K Jump Rope Challenge, click HERE

You don’t need to sign up for that, but for a $10 donation to the cause, you can track your progress and compete against others.  That challenge officially starts Monday January 6th, and goes to February 6th.

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….
• Front squats – heavy; cardio, burpee, hang power clean metcon

• Push press, heavy set of 3; thrusters and box jumps

• Hang power cleans from the low position; double unders, wall balls, DB snatches

• Endurance metcon for distance, broken up with KBS, squats, and buprees

• Slam balls and handstand walk work; metcon of power cleans, burpees, and bar muscle-ups

• Stealing some workouts from the Rogue Invitational, team style

• So many lunges, snatches, and jumping over a bench?