It’s coming, and it is time to sign up! The best time to be at CFS, and we are just 6 weeks away. Sign up now so we can start our planning of the fun. It’s been 16 months since the last Open, and I’m ready to go!  Not sure what it’s all about, ask a member or coach.  Simply – it’s fun, fitness, and a chance to challenge yourself. Nothing to lose! Sign up here:

The 2021 Open was announced to start on March 11 and run 3 weeks! Different from our usual 5 weeks, just means more fun in a shorter amount of time.  Fingers crossed we can safely hold big events at the box and enjoy this awesome time of year at the gym.  Registration opens soon, and our programming will be tailored to ramp up for this starting next week.  A new format has those who finish in the top 10% qualifying for the next 2 weeks of competition, and I know we have several members who that is very attainable. We’ll have fun Intramurals planned for this, along with shirts to commemorate the month long fun! 

Reminder, please sign into class as soon as you know you are coming, and cancel if you have to.  We have a seen an increase in class size in the last 2 weeks (which is awesome), but we still have to maintain our protocols. Thanks for your cooperation on this! 

Programming this week is designed to help prepare our athletes for the Open.

We have lots of variety but we’re also continuing some specific progressions.

1. Pull up volume is increasing
2. Tuesday interval progression, this time with jump rope

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This week….

• Hang snatch work; toes to bar and overhead squat metcon

• KBS and pistol conditioning; metcon of jump rope and DB clean and jerks

• Push jerks; metcon of wall balls, deadlifts, and muscle-ups

• Chipper with a DB and handstand push-ups and burpees

• Front squats; metcon of box jumps and pull-ups

• New Girl WOD – partner style

• New Girl WOD with clean and jerks