What an amazing event this past Saturday the Intrabox Competition was.  Congratulations to everyone who competed and achieved PRs.  Even competing in your first event is a PR in its own right.  Special thanks to Coach Paul on leading a well organized event.  And we could not have done it without all the volunteers helping judge, setup and breakdown equipment, and so much more. Such a great community we have at CrossFit Surmount!  Oh, and that food truck, Buoy Bowls! Wow, is all I have to say.  We’ll have them back soon for sure.

The 2017 New Year’s Resolution Lurong Challenge starts this week. We are signed up as an affiliate, as interest has been strong. We’ll complete the workout each Wednesday, starting this week, for the next 5 weeks.  There’s still time to register. Register here if you haven’t yet.  For those participating, don’t forget to get your measurements and weigh-in early this week from one of the coaches. Coach Evelyn is a great resource for paleo meals and cooking. Coach Einar is a great resource for meal prep. And Meredith is a Dietitian, and a great resource for general nutrition questions. We got ya covered with any food questions during this challenge and at any time.

The CrossFit Games Open Season starts on February 23rd. My favorite time of the year.  We have lots of fun stuff planned for the Open this year, including some head-to-head fun competition between members, and some prime time events. You’ll want to sign up for it, and registration is open now here.  Coming off the team competition, this is a great individual series of events that will push you and test you along the way.  Many new PRs and achievements come during the Open.

We have several new members, and more are coming in this week. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming. That has been a constant theme from our new members, they tell me they feel so welcome right away.  Continue to introduce yourselves and help them find equipment.

We have a new updated Instagram page:  @crossfit_surmount    Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….



  • Overhead squats and an 18 minute AMRAP of running and a barbell


  • A “boxing” benchmark


  • Lurong WOD #1


  • Running 400s, then a 12 minute EMOM of bodyweight movements


  • Benchmark Friday, a very famous one; and Dianne’s favorite tabata


  • Epic 2 person team workout that the ice cancelled earlier in the year


  • More Open workouts from the past to get us ready



  • Press 1 rep max and a chipper


  • Rowing intervals, then a famous girl benchmark