2021 is underway at the gym, and I love the renewed energy that a new year brings.  Keep up the consistency and intensity, you’ll see the results you want! Also with the Open coming up before we know it, that’s a great target to work towards that will test your fitness. 

Big welcome this past week to new coach, Ashlyn. She is of course Janet and Mike’s daughter, but is making a name for herself with her positive attitude and great knowledge. We are glad to have her! 

Congratulations again to Stefan on being named our Athlete of the Month for January 2021. He is off to Baylor for college in August, but will be crushing metcons  and more back squat PRs with us until then.  Read up on him here:


The 2021 Open was announced to start on March 11 and run 3 weeks! Different from our usual 5 weeks, just means more fun in a shorter amount of time.  Fingers crossed we can safely hold big events at the box and enjoy this awesome time of year at the gym.  Registration opens soon, and our programming will be tailored to ramp up for this starting next week.  A new format has those who finish in the top 10% qualifying for the next 2 weeks of competition, and I know we have several members who that is very attainable. We’ll have fun Intramurals planned for this, along with shirts to commemorate the month long fun! 

We started this week also training the Apex Friendship Middle School baseball team.  15 young men putting in work to improve themselves.  They come Monday and Wednesday nights after classes and the energy and effort has been amazing. Excited to see these guys play in the spring! 

Programming this week has more variety in movements and lots of fitness.

We are continuing our metcon progression for Open specific couplets (on Tuesdays) and our C2B specific volume is creeping up as well.

We’ve also got some gymnastics positional drill on Thursday and our squat for the week will be on Friday with a paused or concentric Overhead squat.

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This week….

• Back squats and easy row; metcon of DB clean and jerks and burpees

• Bar work and box jumps; metcon of power snatches, toes to bar, and calories

• Clean work; metcon of deadlifts, calorie, and push-ups

• Core work; dumbbell and double under metcon 

• Overhead squats; Chest to bar and thruster EMOM 

• Partner workout for 30 minutes: power cleans, burpee box jumps, calories

• Wall balls, devils press, and calories