Happy 2018!  What a year we had at CrossFit Surmount, and a fun way to end it on Sunday with that Donut Run.  Good training for those who want to do the Krispy Kreme in a few months with me.  We have truly enjoyed our first year as owners, hope you all have enjoyed your membership, and look forward to many more and growing with you all, while helping you reach your fitness and life goals.

You’ll notice some construction at the box this week, please pardon our mess. We’re adding an office where the current jump ropes are. This will allow us to better serve you as members, and our back office and coaches will be able to work more efficiently during classes.

The CrossFit Open starts in February, and that is essentially the Super Bowl of CrossFit for affiliates. What is the CrossFit Open? Check it out here and you’ll hear more about in class very shortly. Before that, we have a 24-hour event.  You can find the details on our Facebook page.  But in short, we’ll run a hero workout every hour for 24 straight hours. These will all be team workouts, so you can do more than one over the 24 hours. This is not a competition, nor is it intended for people to do all 24 workouts. Rather you pick a few workouts, partner and team up (and they can be different people for different workouts) and attack a few hero workouts for a great cause. That cause being pediatric cancer research.  The organization

Remember to put your snowflake goal on the tree this week.  Pick a goal that is specific, and something you can track. We’ll help you get there!

Starting on January 8th, we’re going to try out a 5:30 am class on Monday’s only. That means there will be a 6:30 class as well that morning, and no class at 6 am.  This will run for 4 weeks: the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th to see how it works out.  As the 6 am class has become easily our most popular, and especially on Mondays, my hope is this will help, and allow our coaches to better coach the class sizes.  

CrossFit Kids resumes this week on Thursday January 4th at 5:30 pm. Hope to see all the kids back and ready to get their 2018 fitness underway. 

If you want to take your Open prep or just your fitness to the next level, try joining Barbell Club this upcoming cycle. Barbell Club will start back up the beginning of the year and run for 2 months. The focus will be on Open prep, in addition to the awesomeness Coach Jay always provides.  Email or message me, show up on Tuesday January 2nd, or let Jay know, to confirm your spot, as spots are limited.  The cost for the 2 month program is $60 total ($30/month).  Throughout the year, BBC will run on a 2 month on, 1 month off cycle, each one with a specific focus over that cycle.

The December challenge is complete, congrats to Steve Dodge, most double unders with some absurd number of 17,605 double unders in a month! He narrowly edged out Jaclyn the last minute by 22!  Congrats to Lee for the most single unders with 5,400, and Brad Coats with 30 triple unders!! Nice job everyone, hope you all got a little bit better working on those.   In probably the least surprising challenge, January’s will be on the bikes.  The measurement will be calories biked.  Get pedaling! 

Programming wise, we are now 7 weeks out from the Open.  So we’ll focus on getting ready for that with some heavy lifting and good intense metcons, with some old Open workouts thrown in there of course as well.

With the start of the new year, there’s always an influx of new members. Already on January 1st we had 5 come in, and I’m sure more will follow. Please be the awesome members that you already are, welcome them, and help them find equipment and guide them through as they get their feet under them. We can all remember our first days in the gym, and know that any little help is great.

Yoga announcement: Beginning with new punch card purchases on January 1, our per class price will increase to the following: 5 classes for $50, 10 classes for $90, and 15 classes for $120.  This is still a tremendous value for a 90 minute yoga class taught by the finest yogi this side of the Atlantic.

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This week….


  • 30 minute partner workout, nailed it!


  • Front squats, then an push jerk and pull-up metcon


  • Deadlifts, then a power snatch and burpee metcon


  • Gymnastics work – ring dips and weighted dips, then a metcon with jumping


  • Cleans, then an old Open workout with cleans and hand stand push-ups


  • Team workout of rowing, snatches, and burpees


  • Endurance Sunday: Dirty 30