Woo, that past week was tough!  “Andi”, the new benchmark workout was certainly one to remember. I did it on Saturday, and I’m feeling it today!  Way to push through that this past week. Stronger everyday! 

Gotta start off with this again…. We are CrossFit’s Fittest Affiliate in NC for 2020!  The entire state! That’s right! Pretty darn amazing. If you haven’t seen the banner yet, check it out at the box and get a picture of it next to it. You earned it! This is recognition for your efforts!  To celebrate, we’ll have some cool shirts coming out shortly. This is a big deal, and we’re gonna make a big deal out of it for as long as we can! 

And let’s say this part again… The Open! As of this post, we have 41 signed up!  New for this year, you can do it from home, with minimal or NO equipment even. There’s really no reason NOT to sign up! 

The best time of the year for CrossFit athletes. 3 weeks of fun, community, competition, PRs, and much more! It’s coming, and it is time to sign up! The best time to be at CFS, and we are just 5 weeks away. Sign up now so we can start our planning of the fun. It’s been 16 months since the last Open, and I’m ready to go!  Not sure what it’s all about, ask a member or coach.  Simply – it’s fun, fitness, and a chance to challenge yourself. Nothing to lose! Sign up here:


We had a great turnout for Coach Mirka’s Double Under Clinic, and are planning a few more like this before The Open. Stay tuned to our class announcements, social media, and Wodify to see the next one coming soon! 

Reminder, please sign into class as soon as you know you are coming, and cancel if you have to.  We have a seen an increase in class size in the last 2 weeks (which is awesome), but we still have to maintain our protocols. Thanks for your cooperation on this! 

Programming this week, we’ve got more fitness! With sessions like these, there’s no reason to fear the open! We’ve got a few days of metcon only and we also a couple of movement conditioning session included in class as well. You’ll notice less and less traditional strength work and more focus on aerobic fitness and high intensity. After The Open, getting ready to lift heavy again towards some 1 rep maxes for a big fun day in April/May

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! 

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This week….

• 30 front squats for time…how heavy? You’ll have to wait and see.  Then a pull-up and double under metcon

• Snatches gettting heavy; metcon of rowing and thrusters

• AMRAP of handstand push-ups, toes to bar, and power cleans; EMOM of running if weather is nice and max gymnastic pulling movements

• Tabata style timer for a long chipper with the KB and DB

• Front rack lunges; shorter amrap of DB power cleans, pistols, burpees, and box jumps

• Partner up for pre-Valentine’s day WOD: jump rope, wall balls, pull-ups, deadlifts

• Endurance day with a long metcon of push-ups, calories, and burpees