Super Bowl Sunday! What is the CrossFit equivalent? I’d have to say The Open! Sign up to be a part of the Super Bowl of CrossFit! 

January is over, it’s officially Open Season!!!  Right now we have 59 members signed up, and I know a lot of you just have to take the 10 minutes its takes to get it done. Today is the last day to sign up to be added to a team. Do it! It’s gonna be epic, it’s for new and old members alike, don’t miss out! Some of you may be on the fence, and I urge you to ask a veteran member or coach what it’s all about, it’s worth signing up! 

Sign up is live here:  Add your name banner in the gym where you can put your name up after you have registered, and add what year this is for you. Fifth Open for me, and I am just as excited/anxious/etc… as ever.  

What is The Open? Only the largest fitness competition on Earth, and amazing showcase of our community. We show up for 5 weeks, complete 5 workouts together, and test our limits, push ourselves, have tons of fun, and see where we stack up against people like us all over the world, and see how you stack up against yourself. Yes, it’s also the qualifier for the Games, so we can all dream too right? Even the top athletes in the world will be doing the same workout you will be doing.  What we do at CFS though is extra fun!  If you sign up, you will be put on one of 6 Intramural teams.  Each team will have a Captain, and need to have a team name. Many teams then make team shirts, hats, whatever to add in the fun over the 5 weeks. Each week, there is a workout announced on Thursday that the whole CrossFit world will do between then and Monday night.  At CFS, we have a special Thursday night party each of those weeks to watch the workout announcement, then have 6 or so of our athletes try it out right away with the whole box cheering them on. It’s super cool and so much energy.   Each team will get points for every member who completes the workout each week, and more if they finish in the top 5 spots each week (full rules to come out later).  There are even 2 categories – RX workouts and scaled workouts, so truly everyone can compete! The only way you would “hurt” your team is if you just don’t even try the workouts.  Really, I haven’t heard a good excuse why not to sign up for The Open if you are a CrossFitter.  Ask a coach or a veteran CFS-er about it, you won’t want to miss out.  More and more details coming….but first step is to sign up, and pick CFS as your affiliate.  

Barbell Club, now called CORE, is off to a raging start. We maxed out at 15 athletes, and I’m sure next cycle will be the same. Next session will begin in approximately 9 weeks, you’ll see info for sign up as we near.  

Programming wise, we’ll keep gearing up for The Open, but volume will be down a bit. Some heavy squats to start the week, but for the most part, some shorter workouts, and not as much volume in general. We want to be fresh and primed come February 21st! 

January’s challenge for dead hang was truly impressive! Big congratulations to Lorraine, who combined for 41 minutes hanging from the bar. Wow!! Well done Lorraine, you earned a treat of your choice from the fridge. 

February’s challenge…sign up for The Open! Put your name on the banner when you sign up! 

We started our pre-teens Kids class this Sunday too. It was also a packed house, and lots of fun to come! It will continue at 11 am on Sundays going forward, led by Coach Mirka. First class always free, this is done on a punch card, and designed for athletes 9-12 years old. Ask Coach Nick or Mirka if you think it would be good for your child. 

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….
• Back squats on the heavy side; old Open workout with lunges and dumbbells

•  Ring dip or rope work; metcon of rowing and hang power cleans

• Barbell complex focusing on the snatch and overhead squat; KB, double under, and wall ball metcon

• Four, 5 minute AMRAPs with a dumbbell, and those dang devil’s presses

• Gymnastics EMOM: muscle ups and handstand push-ups; metcon of power snatches and toes to bar

• Teams of 2, cardio and 3 minute intervals with the “Chief” Hero WOD components

• Mystery day…