Super Bowl Sunday! Enjoy the game, the commercials, the halftime show, and some food with friends, then come in Monday for a big week of fun and fitness.  We have a great week planned ahead, and the weather looks great as well with some mild temps.  In case you didn’t notice, as we grow, we also need more and new equipment.  In the last week, we added several hundred pounds of bumper plates, some wheeling bumper plate carts to make moving weights easier, a few new kettlebells, a few new wall balls, and just recently we added 4 new rowers.  You’ll notice in the coming weeks too, some rearranging and reorganizing to free more space up to move and maximize efficiency.  

The Sua Sponte Games is this upcoming Saturday, February 9th at CrossFit Sua Sponte in Durham. We have 8 teams of 2 competing, probably our largest showing at any competition ever.  Fun starts at 8, and likely goes to mid/late afternoon. Come on out and support your fellow members! With that many members competing, you’re sure to see someone when you come by: Jaclyn, Tom, Dave Bock, Craig, Janet, Lee, Marni, Jess W, Alex, Asia, Wendy, Susan Brown, Eddie, Aly, Kyle, and me! 

This week, programming wise, we have a few more tests carrying over from last week: Snatch and Clean & Jerk, but also a very cool new addition to the program, is some new benchmark metcons that are exclusive to Deka Comp.  For those who don’t know or need a reminder, we utilize programming from  world class coach Michele Letendre (more on her later), who runs Deka Comp.  She has designed 10 special metcons just for us that we will utilize throughout the year. They should be a good test when all 10 are completed and re-tested down the road.  We gave them Greek God names since Deka Comp is a Greek inspired brand name. Deka is 10 in Greek, referring to the 10 general physical athletic skills.  Our first two this week, Choas, and Hera, will certainly be great tests! 

CORE is ready to rev back up, it starts officially on February 11th, and now OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT!!  Next session will be in early spring if you missed out on this chance.  

Coach Jay’s Mobility 101 was a huge hit, as we had over 20 people attend.  I’m sure everyone learned a ton and will put that into practice.  Reach out to Coach Jay or another coach if you missed out and would be interested in us having another one.  

Axe throwing is scheduled on February 22nd at 5 pm. Thanks to Janet for setting that up. Let her know if you are in so we can save you a spot, and make sure to pay her upfront as well. Should be a fun night out as a group! 

This month’s challenge came to an end and congratulations to Stephen Lair who finished with 10,050 double unders!  Truly awesome! If you saw him at all this past month, he was probably jumping rope – before class, after class, whenever he had a free moment at the box.   But aside from that, we also had so many members work on and improve that skill all month long. A few minutes here and there add up, and I think you noticed (as did our coaches), the improvements in your jumping skills and stamina as well.  

February’s challenge is plank hold – how long can you go one time, and then again and again all month?

Scheduling note, there will be NO CrossFit Kids on Sunday the 10th.

And lastly, it’s 3 months out, but I know spaces will go fast once we release final details.  World-class coach Michele Letendre is coming back to CFS for 2 days of clinics for our members. Michele is the mastermind behind our programming, and coach to some of the fittest in the world, including Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath, along with being a former Games athlete herself.  She’s coming from Montreal just for us. If you experienced her clinics last year, you know how fun and informative they are, you won’t be disappointed.  The price for each full day will be $199, which also includes a catered lunch.  Day 1 will be for the novice to intermediate athlete, focusing on pulling and pushing movements, some unilateral work, and finish with weightlifting techniques.  Day 2 will be for our intermediate to more experienced competitor athlete looking to work on ring muscle-ups, handstand walk work, and technical aspects of weightlifting.  These will take place on April 18th and 19th. 

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This week….
• 1 rep mas snatch; new DekaComp benchmark called “CHAOS” with thrusters and burpees

• Toes to bar and bar muscle-up skill work; metcon of sprints, pull-ups, and KB snatches

• Cleand & jerk 1 rep max; metcon of front squats and box jumps

• Bench press and chin-ups; 4, 4 minute amraps of devil’s presses, step ups, double unders and KBS

• “Hera” – new DekaComp benchmark with rowing, wall balls, toes to bar

• Deadlifts, push-ups, slam balls all with a partner

• 3, 10 minute EMOMs, solo this time: lunges, DBs, double unders