We are 4 days into the 2019 Open, and it’s off to a great start. Thursday Night Lights looked epic ! Coach Marni is way up in the world standings, and many of you have had some very impressive scores and PRs such as first Rx Open workout! I’m excited, and a little nervous to complete the workout myself on Monday.  Remember, you have until 8 pm to put your score into the CrossFit Games site where you registered.  Don’t forget, if you don’t enter it by then, there’s no way to go back in and add.  Also, add in Wodify so when/if we do this workout again, you can see your progress.   This week, of course we’ll host TNL’s for 19.2  Come to the box at 7:45 to watch as a group, then we have 8 athletes who have signed up to tackle it right away in front of an electric atmosphere. This week we have: Coach Heather, Tom, Sarah Henry, Chris O, Brian Covington, Wilkie, Kaitlin, and yous truly competing!  I apologize my preview video of the Open and this week would not load onto FB because I guess it was too long. I gotta figure out a way to do that better for this week.  

Open Shirts if you pre-ordered, pick it up this week. We may have about 3-5 extras available for sale, I’ll post if that is the case.  And if you missed out, we’ll have our annual spring/summer shirt coming out in April for purchase.  

This week for 19.2, we will have a cookie cook-off at Thursday night lights.  Each entry gets your team a bonus point for the competition.  Two divisions to enter your cookie in: Paleo cookie and just good ole fashion cookie.  Homemade entries only, no store bought fakies.  Bring them to the box, members will vote, and winners will take home a gift card.  Friday night this week, we’ll also host a Friday Night Happy Hour. Come at 5:15 or 6:30 and just cheer on the classes and enjoy the fun and atmosphere.  BYOB. 

Programming wise, it’s Open week 2, so we have a mix of everything leading up to Friday.  With Friday being an unknown, Saturday is always subject to change, but we have made it pretty adaptable to whatever CrossFit throws at us.  With no barbell or dumbbell in 19.1, I gotta believe one of those make an appearance this week. 

Our Kids Classes will be doing a workout similar to the Open each week, just a week behind. 

Our CFS Men’s Softball team starts practice Monday night 9 pm. If you are on the team, check our Team Connect app for details.  We’ll share more details with game schedules as we near opening day in March. 

It’s out a bit on the calendar, but will sneak up on us, Murph will be Monday May 27th. We’ll likely have 3 classes this year to spread out the crowd, followed by our annual cookout and fun.  Let’s hope for better weather this year.  

Our Pre-teens Kids Class is 11 am on Sundays going forward, led by Coach Mirka. First class always free, this is done on a punch card, and designed for athletes 9-12 years old. This week they worked on the power clean, truly stellar work! Ask Coach Nick or Mirka if you think it would be good for your child. 

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This week….
• Lots of barbell reps – hang power cleans and push press

•  Power clean and front squat EMOM: then a burpee box jump and pull-up EMOM

• Heavy thruster metcon with double unders and muscle-ups – a tough one for sure

• Thursday Night Lights start at 7:45 with the Cookie Cook-Off!  Metcon of the day is a partner one with rowing, snatches, and wall balls

• 19.2…

• TBD based off 19.2, but expect a partner work

• 16 minute AMRAP with deadlifts, air squats, push-ups;  accessory work with dumbbells