THANK YOU to coaches Deboarh, Marni, and James for leading sessions this past weekend. We had a wonderful time in NYC.

The Lurong Resolution Challenge continues. Who knew that 5 minutes of double unders could, well, last so long! Our latest obsession appears to be plantains. Our obsession with coconut balls hasn’t abated.

I’m happy that so many of you attended a session of the Barbell Club. The next session of Barbell Club begins this Tuesday, February 3. You must register with Coach Paul prior to that date.

Coach Marni has quickly come into her own and is now leading sessions Tuesday at 4 pm, Friday at 11:45 am, and another day/time TBD. In addition to being an awesome coach, Marni is also a very strong athlete.

There are many reasons why each and every one of you would benefit from registering for the  2015 CrossFit Games Open that begins February 26. In addition to reasons already mentioned, you might also learn something new about CrossFit. You might even learn something new about yourself. Click here to register.

Weekly WODs

  • Monday – Squats, a surprise 2-min AMRAP, and a couplet
  • Tuesday – Pressing of some sort and 5, 2-min AMRAPs 
  • Wednesday – Two PARTNER benchmark workouts
  • Thursday – Rest day
  • Friday – Bar muscle ups and a metcon too gruesome awesome to explain
  • Saturday – Partner workout
  • Sunday – Squats (of another variety) and a Games workout