It’s here! The start of the 2018 CrossFit Games starts Thursday with the announcement of workout 18.1. Come out to the box and watch the announcement together at 8 pm.  Then watch as some of our members attack that workout right away.  Right now we have Chris and Jacob set to go head to head, and have 4 more spots for the fun too.  Teams were announced yesterday on Facebook, and will be posted at the box as well. If you weren’t added to a team, let me know ASAP.  Each week we’ll be doing the workout on Friday as the programmed workout for that day. You’ll have til Monday night to get it in and entered online, so if you miss Friday, just come in when we’re open, and we’ll make it happen so you get it in and someone counts your reps.  Already I’m loving the team spirit and competitiveness in just one day.  This is truly the best time to be a part of an affiliate.  
Shirts for The Open that were pre-ordered come in Monday afternoon. They’ll be at the box with your name on them Tuesday, just in time. 

Also, sign-up to workout on Thursday Night Lights. The sheet is on the front desk. It’s a great chance to workout at night in a high energy environment. Challenge a friend if you want to make it fun. It’s all in the spirit of the games! 

Our final total for the 24 hour event was $1,945 raised! This weekend the 48 hour dance marathon is also going on, and our total will go to that total raised. Thank you all who participated and donated to such a great cause ( and

As we roll into Open season, our programming will shift a bit to allow us to best perform on those workouts on Friday.  You’ll notice our weeks will look like this a bit:

  • Monday – Training, and a chance to re-test The Open workout from previous week
  • Tuesday – Training
  • Wednesday – Training, but a little lighter than Monday and Tuesday
  • Thursday – active recovery 
  • Friday – Game Day! 
  • Saturday – Skill refinement in a team atmosphere
  • Sunday – Still an endurance focused day

Also, as a coaching team, we have discussed and are going to lead into more traditional CrossFit programming in the near future. What that means is using the programming from, which has a proven track record of 10 years. This will be a great assessment of where we are at, a true return to CrossFit essentials, and provide us as coaches areas to focus on for you as we move through the year. We’ll then have a test week of some basic lifts and benchmarks to again assess each of you as athletes, and where we can shift our programming focus within that the for the betterment of the box.  Some of the weights will be challenging, the movements may seem out of your reach (handstand walks for example for me), but we’ll provide scaling options, learning opportunities, and progressions to create a desired stimulus for each of you.  I’m very excited about it, and I think you’ll all like the challenge and constantly varied aspects of it.

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This week….


  • Girl workout


  • Chipper with rowing, kettlebells, push presses and rope climbs


  • Longer row metcon with gymnastic movements to finish


  • Fun game to start, then a good pre-Open workout to get you sweating, but not too taxing


  • 18.1.  What will it be?


  • Subject to change based on 18.1, but four, 7 minute stations with a bit of everything


  • Endurance Day: distance running and burpees (weather pending)