So it doesn’t get lost in the body of this update, I want to start by congratulating our 2 newest Level 2 Coaches: Mirka and Janet!  They took the seminar, and recently passed their test. Big congratulations to you two, it’s no easy accomplishment.  This now puts our staff up to SIX Level 2 Trainers (Seth, Marni, Nick, Ashlyn, Mirka, and Janet)! Pretty darn impressive! One of many reasons we are The Fittest Affiliate in NC in 2020 … no big deal 🙂 

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to show some love to your fitness self, than to sign up for The Open! As of this post, we have 58 signed up! That’s up 17 from last week!  Don’t be sitting on the sidelines for this event starting on March 11th.  But we want you signed up sooner so we can divide you up into fun intramural teams.  New for this year, you can do it from home, with minimal or NO equipment even. There’s really no reason NOT to sign up! 

It really is the best time of the year for CrossFit athletes. And if you are reading this and a member of CFS, yes you are an athlete! It is 3 weeks of fun, community, competition, PRs, and much more! It’s coming, and it is time to sign up! The best time to be at CFS, and we are just 5 weeks away. Sign up now so we can start our planning of the fun. It’s been 16 months since the last Open, and I’m ready to go!  Not sure what it’s all about, ask a member or coach.  Simply – it’s fun, fitness, and a chance to challenge yourself. Nothing to lose! Sign up here:

We had a great turnout for the pull-up clinic this past Saturday, the 2nd in our series of Open prep clinics.  Next up is Coach Jay’s Clean clinic on Saturday the 20th at 10:45.  Reserve your spot in Wodify now, space is limited. After that, we have the following lined up:

  • Feb 27th – Toes to bar and bar muscle-ups with Coach Seth. 10:45 start

  • March 6 – Handstand holds, push-ups, and walks with Coach Heather, 11:30 start

Programming this week, fitness mode is in full effect. We want to prepare you for the Open that is fast approaching. The volume of repetitions is high this week so make sure you scale appropriately! You’ll notice there isn’t much regular strength work. We have high intensity stuff, bring on the Open!

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• Front squats ascending ladder with burpees; 10 minute AMRAP or power snatches, toes to bar, and box jumps. A full Monday! 

• Pull-up/muscle-up, deadlift, double under AMRAP

• Overhead squats; metcon of DB step ups and calories

• Hang power cleans, sit-ups, and lots of box jump overs

• Back squats; thruster, chest to bar, and rowing metcon

• Partner wall balls, dips, DB snatches, and push-ups. Then a hard stop into a 1 rep max Power Clean! 

• 30 minute EMOM of toes to bar, calories, double unders