Wow! Well if you can’t tell, this update is on Monday, as I was in full recovery mode on Sunday from that amazing weekend. Was it tiring? Yeah! But so worth it! We raised over $2,000 for pediatric cancer research, and the donations are still rolling in. It was so fun to see everyone’s energy throughout, and see people working out on teams and meeting new people from other gyms. So many memories, but a few I had in particular:

  • The great shirts from the 3 blondes who couldn’t count (and 1 brunette) 
  • Seeing that fun competitive spirit come out from everyone
  • The enormous crowd for the noon Murph WOD
  • Working out with Jay in jeans at 11 pm, and Ashley and Lauren right after they had tacos and wine for dinner (neither are recommended)
  • Working out with Alex at midnight in jeans and gold hoop earrings, fresh from a concert (also not recommended)
  • Working out with just Wendy at 2 am, and just Kaitlin and Jeff at 3 am
  • Seeing Jess, Lorraine, Heidi, and Wendy all come into the gym at 3:45 am with so much energy (and coffee)
  • Watching Cordis, Craig, and Tim finish up the final 2 workouts so strong
  • DJ Donkey Kong bringing the beats!
  • And so much more! The camaraderie was fantastic! 

I hope you all had some great memories as well!  It all though could not have happened without the tremendous and tireless efforts of Erika. She did all the heavy lifting on this one. From securing Buoy Bowls, the DJ, and vendor donations, to programming the workouts, she made this happen! Thanks so much to you Erika! Couldn’t have done it without you.  And thanks to all our coaches who helped out, Rona for her photography, Meredith for watching the kiddos all day and night, and so many more who made the day such a success.  I’m sure I’m forgetting people too, it’s kind of a blur, but an awesome one at that. 


Now onto….THE OPEN!!

Registration for the 2018 CrossFit Games is now open, and almost closed. The Open starts February 22nd, but for our team set-up at the gym, we need you signed up ASAP.  Sign up, and get in, so you can be added to one of our Intramural Teams for the CFS Games. Deadline to sign up is February 13th to be on an Intramural Team. Right now we have 40 awesome athletes signed up! What’s your excuse? Get in now at  For more info on the Intramurals, The Open, etc… ask a coach, a veteran member, or grab one of the hard copies of the document at the box.  It’s the most wonderful time….of the year! 

Shirts for The Open that were pre-ordered will be in soon, in time for The Open, don’t worry.

Also, sign-up to workout on Thursday Night Lights. The sheet is on the front desk. It’s a great chance to workout at night in a high energy environment. Challenge a friend if you want to make it fun. It’s all in the spirit of the games! 

As we roll into Open season next week, our programming will shift a bit to allow us to best perform on those workouts on Friday.  You’ll notice our weeks will look like this a bit:

  • Monday – Training, and a chance to re-test The Open workout from previous week
  • Tuesday – Training
  • Wednesday – Training, but a little lighter than Monday and Tuesday
  • Thursday – active recovery 
  • Friday – Game Day! 
  • Saturday – Skill refinement in a team atmosphere
  • Sunday – Still an endurance focused day

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….


  • 20 minute AMRAP with pull-ups, push-ups, pistols, and a run


  • Turkish get-ups;


  • Valentine’s Day Special Partner WOD


  • Gymnastic-centric EMOM for 20 minutes


  • Two Open workouts, it’s almost time….


  • 3 person benchmark WOD


  • A mountain climb of a workout, 5 minute intervals