The One Ton Challenge was epic!!!  So many amazing lifts from so many great people.  If you had a chance to be there in any form, I’m sure you would agree. You can see from the great pictures from Dave Cunningham that lots of fun was had by all.  We are already talking about when to do it again! We had 4 male athletes from CFS compete, and 4 female athletes compete as well. Congrats to everyone who lifted. Special congrats to Lauren Connell on taking home the overall total win for the ladies, and best lifter as well.  Thanks to Anders Varner for running the show, and Wake Zone Coffee for donating the cold brew and gift cards to the athletes. 

Holiday Party time now!! This upcoming Saturday the 14th is our annual holiday party. Fun kicks off at 7 pm at Brewster’s Pub on Lake Pine.  Bring a guest.  CFS will provide food and a drink ticket for all.  This is adults only, or at least members whose age says they are technically adults. Dress is festive!  If you didn’t RSVP, that’s fine, we have room for you still. Looking forward to it! 

This week, programming wise we have some fun workouts and we’re trying to keep things fresh, fun but also effective. We have lots of burpees this week and lots of shoulders. 

The navy hoodies are in, and at the box Ask a coach to get yours and mark your name off.  As of Sunday, the light blue ones are hung up with UPS somewhere around town. Hopeful they come in any day.  Joggers are ordered too, and are 2-3 weeks out for delivery.  

Our Kids class will have it’s last Thursday and Sunday classes this week on the 12th and 15th, then take a break for the holidays.

The Angel Tree tags all went, thank you so much for everyone who is helping out families and children in needs. Gifts are due back by December 13th.  

Congrats to Abby on running 101 miles in November!!! Unbelievable amount of miles, well done! And nice job to everyone else who got some running in that they would not normally do.  This month, we are going for consistency in the gym.  Shoot to attend 3+ times a week as we get pulled in many directions with the holidays. 

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This week….
• Push press setse of 2; burpee, wall ball, and pull-up metcon

• Heavy back squat EMOM; chipper or row/bike/ski, hand stand push-ups, and deadlifts

• Parallette bar work; DB snatches, knees to elwbows, doubles

• Front squat + split jerk combo; metcon of thrusters and burpees

• Sumo deadlifts; metcon of snatches, box jumps, row/bike/ski

• Holiday party at night, but come to class in the morning for

• 10 days or CrossFit