That was quite some Holiday Party… I hope that you all had as enjoyable of a time as I did. The food was awesome, and the company even more awesome! Be sure to put your name on your shaker bottle.

A very special Thank You to Kathryn, Stuart, and Gabe for representing CFS at the 2014 Reindeer Romp 5K, and congratulations to Kathryn for placing first in her age group! Well done, Kathryn!

We begin de-loading push press, back squat, and dead-lift this week. We’ll be attempting to establish new 1RM for the lifts next week. Remember, rest is underrated.

I will be attending the CrossFit Level II Certification this weekend. Coach Deborah has graciously offered to coach additional sessions. Thanks, CD — I can always count on you! Be nice to her, members. I mean it.

Click here for an article on weightlifting accessories. I won’t do any Olympic lifting without wearing my weightlifting shoes.


  • Reminder: a minimum of one person must pre-register at least 4 hours in advance (by 3:30 pm) for the M/T/W 7:30 pm session. If no one pre-registers, the session will be cancelled.


  • Dana Crosby, December 13
  • Denise Messer, December 13
  • Paul Potorti (that’s me!), December 14

Week of December 8-14

  • Monday – Push presses, a 10-min focus on abs, and a 6-min metcon
  • Tuesday –  Back squats & pistol progressions and an EMOTM for 17-min
  • Wednesday – The 12 Days of CrossFit
  • Thursday – Open Gym
  • Friday – Dead-lifts & walking OH lunges and 14-min AMRAP that, you guessed it, includes running
  • Saturday – Partner or team workout (you’ll get to work with 1 or 2 of your closest friends)
  • Sunday – Paul’s Birthday WOD!