Have you been to the gym the last week and entered for our 12 Days of CrossFit raffle?!?! If not, what are you waiting for ?!?! Each day you come to the gym, put your name on one of the little blue tickets and put it in the box. Starting December 13th we’ll pick a name for a giveaway each day.  Prizes will range from a box of Candy Cane Perfect Bars to a free month of CrossFit Surmount!  Just a small way for us to say thanks for an amazing (and wild) 2020! 

Also, sign up by the 13th if you want to participate in our box Secret Santa. Put your name in the bucket by the front desk, then we’ll divide out the names for you to buy a gift for that person.  The limit is $25 and it can be any gift, CrossFit related or not.  

Our Angel Tree gifts are due back Thursday at the latest so I can take them Friday morning.  Please get your bags to the gym on time. Let me know if you need help at all.  Thank you for all who have volunteered already and donated to this great cause. 

The November Challenge had thousands and thousands of sit-ups done! Congrats to all who got it lots of that core work, and those who did 100 EVERY DAY!  The tie breaker on the last day went to Jess who did 500 that day! Wowsers!  Enjoy that Fit Aid you so yearn for! 

This month’s challenge, is show up, and put your name in the box to win some prizes. Consistency around the holidays is tough, so just get in the gym, we’ll take care of the rest.  We do though have an extra challenge this week only starting on December 11th. It is the Rogue Echo Bike 50 Calorie Challenge.  Coach Jay has generously let us borrow his Rogue Echo bike to give it a while. 50 calories, how fast can you go!  If you want to officailly register, it is $10 and the link and details are here:  


Enter the pain cave, and enjoy it! 🙂 

The ladies hoodies came in last week, a few of you still have yours to pick up.  We may have 1 or 2 extras if interested.  The unisex hoodies, crew necks, and shirts were ordered on Friday, and will be in before Christmas! Thanks for all who purchased. 

Programming this week, more legs! Lots of legs!! We’ve re-introduced a bit more barbell and switched up some unilateral work to some different movements. We’ve also got a rowing benchmark this week and an old Open workout, as that is just less than 2 months away! I CANNOT WAIT! 

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This week….

• Back squats with a pause; Open workout with overhead squats and pull-ups

• Two, 7 minute AMRAPs with handstand push-ups and box jumps; then a 1K row test! 

• Squat clean EMOM; metcon of front squats, burpees, and muscle-ups

• 30 minute EMOM of kettlebells, pistols, and push-ups

• Jerk complex EMOM; cardio and DB metcon

• Deadlifts; metcon of double unders, power cleans, toes to bar: No partners today

• Hero WOD