Another year in the books! Amazing to think we will be starting year 3 as owners of CrossFit Surmount. It’s been awesome to meet so many new people, and see so many of you reach your goals and progress.  We can’t wait for an even bigger and better 2019! What are your goals for this year, in and out of the gym? Don’t be shy about your goals, share them with your friends and family, and if they are CrossFit related, share them with members and especially your coaches! That helps with accountability, and your coaches can help you set a path to reach those goals. We’re here to help! Mine, again, is handstand walks. So if you see me before or after a class just mulling around, remind me, “Nick, have you practiced your handstand walk today?”.  

As we wrap up 2018,  this link has some cool stats from Wodify on the year. Check it out here: Wodify

Schedule notes this week and upcoming:

• New Year’s Eve – classes at 8:30, 9:45, 11:45 am
• New Year’s Day – classes at 8:30 and 9:45 am
• January 2nd – full schedule, get it!

Programming wise, this week is a little different to start with the holiday, then we get into more traditional programming and ready to start getting ready for The Open.  We have a challenging fun one planned for New Year’s day, some skill work in the week, and then some traditional weight lifting that we haven’t done in a week or so on Friday. 

January 1st, I’ll be doing a new hero workout called “Chad”. It won’t be the class workout, but you’re welcome to join. It’s 1000 box step ups for time. I plan to start about 9:30. Rx is wearing 45#, either via a vest or backpack. It’s a lot of step-ups of course, so you can scale many ways. Figure an hour at least, as I have seen many times range from 65 minutes to 95+ minutes.  I believe Coach Marni will be doing this as well later in the day, so look for a Facebook post from her, I’m sure she’ll want company. Just a thought, but a good way to start the year to honor quite a man. Chad’s story is here:

The monthly challenge for December is to just get in here! Each time you come in, put a tally next to your name on the chalk board. Stay consistent in the month that often times is the most difficult. One more day to go in December and 2018! 

January’s challenge comes from the mind of Coach Doza – a dead hang challenge. Accumulate as much time hanging from a bar as you can in the month.  Dead hangs will help so much, and will be a big help towards improving or getting pull-ups.  Here is a great article Doza found regarding this topic.  It starts Monday!

Barbell Club will have a different look in 2019, more details to come, but Coach Jay will still be leading an amazing program, on the same days, but with some new and exciting tweaks to it.

We’ll also be adding another CrossFit Kids class in 2019. This will be on Sundays with Coach Mirka, and designed for kids ages 9-12, as we start to introduce the barbell a little more. More details coming soon…

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This week….
• Burpees and wall balls, and lots of them! Get ya ready for NYE!
•  Fun and tough barbell partner workout for the class; option to do “Chad” – 1000 box step ups for time, see details above
• Gymnastics EMOM followed by a 12 minute amrap of thrusters, snatches, and double unders
• Long core chipper
• Hang cleans for strength; metcon with clean and jerks, pull-ups, and wall balls
• Partner day, biking and KB fun
• Two tough metcons back to back