December is here, and it’s the most wonderful time…. of the year!!! So much going on at the gym, and outside of it too.  This upcoming Saturday we have The One Ton Challenge, then the 14th we have our holiday party at Brewster’s (don’t forget to RSVP at the box), and of course all the extra holiday fun around town.  For me personally, I always really enjoy this time of year when members bring friends and family in to drop in, it adds some extra energy in the box and I love meeting new people and that you all share CFS with others. 

It’s time! This Saturday is The One Ton Challenge!! December 7th, we’ll open at 8 am and get the lifting going at 9 am. Sign up now to reserve your spot. T-shirt and swag bag included in the $75 registration fee.  There’s still time to register, the 4th will be our last day.  Heat info and details will be released Thursday.  

Buoy Bowls is confirmed that day from 9 – 1 at the box serving up delicious acai bowls, smoothies, and more! 

This will be a high energy event/competition. It will be one of the first ever at a CrossFit box. Hosted by Anders Varner,  host of Barbell Shrugged, it’s your chance just to lift heavy all day and get strong!  6 lifts – back squat, snatch, clean, jerk, bench, and deadlift.  2 hours, get as heavy as you can. Prizes for the highest totals, as well as highest by body weight in each the male and female categories.  Registration is open at the front desk, and open to members from other gyms.  No need to register online, just sign up or let a coach know.  We won’t have classes that day. 

Even if you don’t think you can hit 2000 pounds, or 1200 for women, come try to set 6 PRs in one day!  Not quite ready to  compete? Come cheer on some big PRs, and grab a Buoy Bowl. 

This week, programming we are hitting on some big lifts – front squats and power snatches, and some metcons with high intensity as the goal.

The following weekend, we have our annual Holiday Party. It is at Brewster’s, 7 pm on the 14th. ALl are invited, and you are all are invited to bring a guest.  CFS will provide food and some drinks.  Make sure to RSVP at the box sign up sheet so we can have the proper amount of food ready to go.

Hoodies should be in this week!  And we have an order form up now for CFS Joggers. They are unisex, and the size chart will be by the sign up sheet. Get some comfy sweats for the holidays! 

Our Men’s Softball team won it all! It took 2 games in the championship, and all 7 innings, but we won in the bottom of the last inning, 15-14 to take home another trophy for the box.  They way things are going, we need to build a shelf just for the trophies! There are rumors of a ladies or co-ed team also forming for the spring! 

The Angel Tree has a few more tags left, let’s get those gone by middle of this week. Gifts are due back by December 13th.  The Angel Tree is where you can take a tag to donate gifts for kids and families in need. This will be our 4th year doing this, and it’s a great tradition of helping others at CFS. 

 November brings us RUNNING!  Add up the miles, and this time, at the box or at your home or on the trail. Anywhere you run counts! Just run! 

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This week….
• Heavy front squats; metcon of wall balls, cardio, and DB squat cleans

• Pull-up work; burpee and hang power clean metcon

• Snatch complex; metcon of double unders, handstand push-ups, and deadlifts

• Agility work; 20 minute metcon – 1 minute intervals of sprints, devil’s presses, burpees, and toes to bar

• Shorter metcon of pistols, shoulder to overhead, and pull-ups; rope climb work

• One Ton Challenge! Doors open at 8 am, competition starts at 9 til about noon.  No classes that day or open gym. Come out and cheer on some big lifts. Buoy Bowls will be there too, 9-12

• Partner AMRAP – 3 of them, 10 minutes each, one with a special new way to do wall ball shots 🙂