The biggest compliment I can receive as the owner of CFS is “You have incredible members.” We’ve had many visitors, and all have repeated this refrain. Thank you for being welcoming to visitors. CFS members play well with others.

A reminder to all that Foundations will be offered for $75 during the month of January ONLY. That’s half price!

Make your resolutions stick. It’s a great read, I promise!

All notebooks will be recycled as of January 1. If you want to keep yours, be sure to take it home with you.


  • The following sessions will be offered on Wednesday, December 31: 7, 8:30, & 11:45 am ONLY. CrossFit Express is cancelled but members may attend CrossFit session.
  • Bring in the New Year Workout will be held New Year’s Eve! Members and guests are invited to attend. Please bring a treat (Paleo, perhaps?). Beverages will be provided.
  • Open Gym (both morning and evening sessions) and CrossFit Express are cancelled on Thursday, January 1.
  • Special sessions will be held at 10 and 11 am on Thursday, January 1. CrossFit Express athletes are invited to attend.

Weekly WODs

  • Monday – Pulling or pushing and a dizzying metcon. Forward rolls!
  • Tuesday – TGUs (sorry, Holly) and 12-min triplet.
  • Wednesday – Dead-lifts (lots of them) and 20-min “2014” AMRAP.
  • Thursday – WODs at 10 and 11 ONLY! A challenging Hero WOD.
  • Friday – 3RM of ? and Tabata couplet. 
  • Saturday – 30 RFT partner WOD. 
  • Sunday – The workout is grizzly. That’s your only hint.