This month’s challenge, is show up, and put your name in the box to win some prizes. It’s a small way for us to say thank you for the amazing year since unfortunately we cannot have a holiday party.  Consistency around the holidays is tough, so just get in the gym, we’ll take care of the rest.  Our first drawing was this Saturday, and Dave Bock won 50% off his January membership.  Sunday, Chris Marion won a box of Perfect Bars! 10 more days of winning, keep entering your name when you come in for more chances to win. 

Also, we rolled our our 12 Days of CrossFit Challenges. So maybe you are not lucky and your name doesn’t get picked for raffles? Take things into your own hands and complete our daily challenge. The best one each day, as voted on Facebook by our members, will win a $20 Buoy Bowls Gift card each day!  Day 1 was most creative overhead squat, and Craig’s Elf on a Bar won the day. Sunday’s is most creative/unique handstand! Let’s see what you got! 

Secret Santa names are being drawn as I speak this. Thanks to Coach Janet for organizing. The limit is $25 and it can be any gift, CrossFit related or not.  Stay tuned for the due date to return the gift under the tree. 

Our Angel Tree was a huge success this year! Thanks to Jess for helping set up the tree and coordinating donations. And BIG THANKS to all that donated. It was amazing for me to pull my truck up filled to the bring, inside and out, with gifts to donate.  Know that you all made such a difference for so many children!

We do though have an extra challenge this week only starting on December 11th and ending Monday. It is the Rogue Echo Bike 50 Calorie Challenge.  Coach Jay has generously let us borrow his Rogue Echo bike to give it a while. 50 calories, how fast can you go!  If you want to officially register, it is $10 and the link and details are here:

Enter the pain cave, and enjoy it! 🙂 

Programming this week, is fun! is a classic  pre-holiday week in which we find a bit more metcons, a bit less complex movements and a focus on aerobic and muscular stamina.  And this time of year, we  get some tests coming up, along with some fun annual workouts the following week like The Grinch and the 12 Days of CrossFit! 

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This week….

• Hang snatch 1 rep max, followed by one of the spiciest Open workouts ever: Thrusters and burpees! 🙂 

• Pull-ups, planks, double unders, handstand push-ups, rowing

• Heavy paused front squat, then a metcon of power cleans with speed!

• You’re a mean one!

• Push jerk complex; metcon of chest to bar, double unders, and KBS

• Partner fun

• 3k row or run with a break every 2 minutes for burpees and hang clean and jerks