Great week behind us with lots of PRs. Test week is always fun to see how heavy we can go. Loved the energy and enthusiasm from everyone, and the cheering from everyone when PRs were hit, or attempted.  We’re all getting stronger and fitter everyday! Let’s hope this snow melts enough so we can get into the box Monday and keep rocking!
The Reindeer Games are next Saturday, the 15th. We won’t have any classes that day. Gym opens at 7:15, we’ll have athlete briefing at 7:45, and first heat at 8:15.  Heat sheet will be posted at the gym this week and is found on our Facebook page as well.  All events have been announced.  If anyone has injuries or concerns about a movement, let me know, and we can adapt to make it so you can still compete and a equitable competition for all.  Not liking burpees isn’t an injury 😉 
Buoy Bowls will be on site from 10-2 on Saturday as well, and GNC will be in the box giving samples out of various supplements.  
Not competing Saturday? We can always use judges, volunteers moving equipment, and of course fans to cheer on your box-mates! Stop by, see what it’s about, so next time you’ll be sure to get a team. 
Remember, December 21st is our Holiday Party! 7 pm at Brewster’s.  Please RSVP at the front desk clipboard so I can get a good idea for food.  Looking forward to a fun celebration with everyone.  Adults only, and bring a guest. It’s Trivia Night there too, so we can jump in on that.  
Programming wise, I hope everyone enjoyed test week. So many PRs, and so many amazing efforts.  No PRs for me, but the lifts felt good, and I’m excited for this next cycle.  Hard to believe, but we’re just 9 weeks out from The Open! So we’ll be ramping up for that, with metcons and strength and skill work targeting Open style workouts.  February 21st is the first Thursday Night Lights, let’s goooo! 
Schedule notes this week and upcoming:
This week will also be our last Kids class of 2018, as we’ll take the 20th and 27th off. 
  • No classes on the 15th for our competition. 
  • Friday the 21st, no 6:30 pm class so everyone can get to the Holiday Party on time.  
  • Christmas Eve – classes at 6 am, 8:30, 9:45, 11:45 am
  • Christmas Day – no classes
  • December 26th – no 6:00 am class or 6:30 pm class
  • New Year’s Eve – classes at 8:30, 9:45, 11:45 am
  • New Year’s Day – classes at 8:30 and 9:45 am
  • January 2nd – full schedule, get it! 
The second order of hoodies are in if you pre-ordered and didn’t get one.  Pick it up at the box. We likely have very limited extras, and I’ll make available for purchase when I’m sure everyone has picked theirs up.
Angel Tree gifts are due back Monday the 10th so we can deliver on the 14th. Thanks for all who donated!  
The monthly challenge for December is to just get in here! Each time you come in, put a tally next to your name on the chalk board. Stay consistent in the month that often times is the most difficult.  
Barbell Club will have a different look in 2019, more details to come, but Coach Jay will still be leading an amazing program, on the same days, but with some new and exciting tweaks to it.  
Our Teen Girls Program will start back up for our second session in early 2019.   Session one was truly incredible! The girls loved it, gained confidence, and learned so much. It’s an 8 week program that meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30 to 4:45. Spread the word, it truly is an amazing program that combines fitness and life skills. Cost is $600 for the 8 week program, and can be paid in installments.  Reach out to me or Coach Marni or Susie Sutton for details and to reserve your spot.  Teens who bring a friend will get a 10% discount. 
Rockbot is the official music player for CFS now.  What’s unique about it is you as members get to pick what is played.  First step is download the app, then check in when at CFS, then request the songs you’d like to hear during your class.

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….


  • Pull-up complex – 3 options to choose from; metcon with deadlifts and double unders


  • 20 minute AMRAP with hang power cleans and burpees; strict press strength work after


  • Deadlift strength; heavy thruster and rowing EMOM


  • Partner Karen – Partner Nate – together for one amazing WOD


  • Pistols; light and fast power snatch and box jump metcon


  • Reindeer Games – no classes, come in to witness the fitness


  • Partner Sunday: row/run and lots of reps