The CrossFit Games came to an end Sunday.  Not a big surprise, Mat Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey are your champs again. Though after that, the leader boards were definitely different from previous years.  It was amazing to watch the top athletes in our sport at their best.  Certainly got me pumped up to get in the gym and also get into some competitions coming up!  After the final standings are done, the fantasy standings will be complete and we’ll see who won the $25 gift card to Whole Foods.  
Programming wise, for those of you not aware, the genius behind a lot of our programming lately has been Michelle Letendre.  Michelle owns Deka CrossFit in Canada, but also is the coach of Patrick Vellner, Will Georges, and Laura Horvath.  All who finished top 10 this year in The Games. Clearly they are amazing athletes, but what she programs works as well.  Last week was a de-load week. This week is a big test week. We’ll have some good warm-ups then test our back squat, deadlift, and power cleans with the barbell, and pull-ups and handstand pull-ups on the gymnastics side. The metcons look fantastic, and I’m bummed I’ll be missing them as I’m out of town all week.  Thanks to coaches Doza and Janet picking up the 6 am classes this week.  
Barbell Club will start up again after Labor Day. This time, we’ll also be adding morning sessions in an “express” version of BBC with Coach Doza. More info to come soon! 
Last month, our challenge was fastest 50 wall balls.  Dave Bock, Marni, and Janet took home the crowns, well done! This month’s challenge is wintry theme, most meters skied on the SkiErg.  With 2 skiers, limit yourself to 500M unless no one is waiting, then keep on skiing! 
There will be no CrossFit Kids this Thursday August 9th, Coach Nick will be out of town. 
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This week….


  • Back squat 1 rep max; push press and box jump metcon


  • Handstand push-ups and pull-up maxes; metcon with running, DB deadlifts, and burpees


  • Power clean 3 rep max; 10 minute AMRAP with increasing thrusters


  • Partner Thursday, rope climbs, burpees, and running


  • Deadlift max; push-up, toes to bar, and snatch metcon


  • Partner Saturday with tire flips!


  • Bar muscle up work; wall ball and row metcon