I had to wait to write this until The CrossFit Games ended. Not surprise, though the men’s side was in doubt a bit, but Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey repeated as champs.  CrossFit Mayhem won the team event, meaning all the champs train at the same affiliate in Cookeville, TN.  Pretty cool I’d say!  I enjoyed watching lots of it at the  gym with many of you and talking CrossFit.  It was fun to watch those amazing athletes, get some tips, and get inspired.  Our fellow DekaComp athletes who do the same programming and workouts you do, did very well.  James Newbury finished 5th overall, and all the DekaComp athletes finished top 20 I believe.  This stuff works, no doubt!  Next up, a little break before the new “season” starts with The Open in October.  

Since CrossFit crowned their champs, time to crown ours!  I finally got the banner up for our Intramural Champs. You’ll see it in the gym this week, congratulations to The Clean Jerks! Forever you’ll name will adorn CFS! 

As mentioned in last week’s post, we have some competition style events coming up. Timing is TBD based on when we find out the October Open will be. But they’re for sure going to be fun! 

This past week definitely had some really really challenging metcons. Thursday’s benchmark was a long tough one, then Sunday’s with a packed house was no easier.  This week, programming wise we’ll be a little lighter on volume, but still working on our push/pull gymnastics, back squats, and a benchmark on Thursday.  

Our Kids’ classes will start back up again soon.  Our Kids class on Thursdays will pick up again on August 15th and our Pre-Teens class will start back on Sunday the 25th with Coach Mirka.  

Our Men’s Softball team is back on the diamond for real action, first game is this Wednesday night at 9 pm at Sale Middle. 

July’s challenge winner was Sarah Henry, congratulations on all those Turkish get-ups. Of course you win a Fit Aid, but also you no doubt got fitter, and that goes for everyone who did those.  This month, working on those booties with lunges. A rep is one on the left and one on the right for 1 rep.  No weight, just get after it!

August 30th we’ll host a community service night. You all saw the tremendous amount of money raised for Chaney’s Champions from the Marathon Row event.  Well a lot of that went to buying the bears.  Now those bears need to be unboxed, and packaged nicely to deliver. So on Friday August 30th we’ll have a bear wrapping party at the box.  Chaney’s Champions will provide pizza for all, and BYOB if you’d like. This will be a fun get together while helping out others at the same time.  Further details and a sign up sheet will be out soon.  

CORE is halfway done this cycle, and each class I’m jealous I missed out!  Next session will start back up sometime in early fall.    

There’s an upcoming 40 mile trail race that you can have anywhere between 1-10 teammates..  It’s called the Shakori Trail Race. It’s a 4 mile loop, and just in Chatham County. Here’s the info – https://www.shakori40ultra.com/ would love to have a team for that too.  Reach out to Nick if you’re interested. 

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This week….
• Muscle up and HSPU work; metcon of double unders, hang cleans

• Back squats; metcon of chest to bar pull-ups; box jumps, and more double unders

• Handstand walk work; metcon of power cleans, toes to bar, wall balls, and muscle ups

• Benchmark with extra spice

• Hang clean complex; burpee and barbell combo metcon

• Partner workout – rowing and snatching

• Endurance partner work, based off a CrossFit Games workout