Well that was one of the harder weeks of CrossFit in a while, at least in my opinion. The thruster/pull-up combo on Monday, plus that 2k run, 2k row and farmer carry one on Wednesday made for a tough week!  Hope you all enjoyed it.  Hard to believe we are now in August. Looks like The Open will be pushed back to February like it used to be, and if so, we’ll make sure to add some fun intra-box competition like event(s) in early fall to spce things up.

2 weeks ago we expanded our class sizes to 14.  Please make sure you still sign in to all classes, and cancel in a reasonable amount of time before a class if you cannot make it.  We cannot allow people who have not signed in to workout, as well as not allowing people to just workout outside, as it still creates some pinch points inside. Thanks for your cooperation on this, you have all been amazing in the flexibility and cooperation!  

Programming wise, after test week 2 weeks ago, and some tough longer fitness tests last week. Programming next week will continue to be intense. We still have lots of interval style workouts and we still have a heavy back squat, some gymnastics skills and a good mix of heavy to light to bodyweight workouts.

This week, like others, but especially this week, looks like a very hot one. Remember to drink water BEFORE you get to the box, DURING your workout, and AFTER!!! Let’s hope that hurricane stays away this week and keeps us relatively dry. 

Again, from me and all the coaches, we cannot stress enough how overwhelmed we have been with you support through this challenging time for all of us. Thank you so much.  As we start a new month, and what we have laid out above isn’t for you, please reach out to Nick to discuss membership options for you going forward.

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This week….

• Pull-up/muscle-up work; metcon of KBS, overhead squats, and snatches with some running

• 3 rep max power snatches; metcon of rowing, biking, burpees

• Endurance of rowing, front squats, and toes to bar

• Chipper style, but AMRAP metcon after some pulling working – pull-ups and bent over rows

• Back squats – a heavy 2; metcon of burpees, handstand push-ups, and heavy thrusters 

• Partner fun of wall balls, 2k run, DBs

• TBD fun!