Cliche to say, but can’t believe it’s September!  Temps still remain in the upper 80s and low 90s so keep hydrated.  Actually, always stay hydrated. Though it may be easier to get dehydrated in the summer, we often forget to still drink enough water in cooler temp months. Don’t let that happen to you.  

We are working on our Labor Day plans for a workout, and may take it outdoors at a place to be determined. Stay tuned for details but know that we won’t have 6 am or 7:30 am classes that day, and nothing later than 11:30 am either.  Plan accordingly. 

Programming for the first week of September is going to include some pretty intense workouts and lots more gymnastics.

Compared to the week before we are including more gymnastics sessions to help you work onand demonstrate progressions towards higher skilled movements. Here what the week will include:

– 2-3 interval workouts
– Strict chin ups
– Pistol and bar muscle up progressions
– Barbell cycling
– 2 longer workouts

We have confirmed that the online competition run by DekaComp will be held the first week of October. It will be called the OPG – Online Proving Grounds!  This should provide some fun for all and spice things up as the weather gets a tad cooler.  Think of it as a shorter version of The Open.  That’s about all the info I have at this point, but stay tuned. 

Our men’s softball team took two close losses this week, but we are a slow starting team. We play Monday and Wednesday at 9 pm this week and will look to get some Ws.

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This week….

• Front squat; metcon of calories and max snatches

• Chin up work; metcon of wall balls, toes to bar, and a 100 burpee cash-out

• Mile run to start a metcon of push-ups and power cleans

• Pistol work; metcon of box jumps and calories

• DB snatches, devils presses, power cleans, pull-ups, chest to bar, muscle-ups

• Partner running, then barbell reps of shoulder to overhead, and hang squat cleans

•  Running, plank up and downs, v-ups