Hard to believe this is the last week of August! Football season is here, and some less grueling humid days as well.  That summer training will make us all stronger as we approach fall.  Cool announcement this week is about music. We all love a good song when working out, and the right tune at the right time can really pump me up for sure.  We have stepped up our music game at CFS, and have a new unique service called Rockbot.  Rockbot is the official music player for CFS now.  What’s unique about it is you as members get to pick what is played.  First step is download the app and create a DJ profile for yourself.  From there, when you arrive at CFS, check in.  You’ll then be able to request songs you’d like to hear while you are there during your class.  What’s really cool, as you begin to come more and like and request songs, Rockbot will begin knowing you’re there at class and play songs you like from similar genres.  Of course some songs will be off limits for lyrics, but the library to choose from is pretty much every and all songs in the world.  We’ve been playing Rockbot for the last week, and now you get to join in and pick your playlists.  You do need to be at the gym to check in and request songs.  Let me know if you have any questions on how it works.  
This past Saturday, we had 3 amazing teams compete at Sua Sponte’s Summer Slam.  And even more people come out, as always, to support CFS!  Great job to Chante, Natalie, Karen, Susan, Marni, Tom, Mac, Janet, Chris, Jaclyn, and Asia on a tough day of competition against a tough field.  Lots of fitness, but more so, lots of fun!  Next up competition wise is the CrossFit Team Series.  This is like The Open, but you pick a partner.  There are 4 workouts that you do on your own over a 2 week period, then register your scores online, just like The Open.  We’ll have some special times to get these done all together for those who register, as we likely won’t do these workouts as part of our normal class programming.  I’m signed up, who else is getting a partner to see where we stand and push each other for a few fun extra workouts. Check out last year’s workouts, they look challenging for sure.  
As for programming this week, there will be quite a bit of jumping and power based movement so it’s a good time to challenge some weights. They won’t be super heavy because the reps are still a bit high but athletes can easily break the sets up into more manageable sets. Have a great week guys, I know that for some it could be a busy time with the return to school and all, so enjoy the energy of a new season on the calendar!
This Saturday, September 1st, we’ll host the national CrossFit Kids event, Saved by the Barbell.  We will be an official host, and you can sign up here if you’d like to get a shirt and donate. All proceeds go to fund programs for kids.  At 9:30 sharp, we’ll have a special kids class so they can get in on the fun too!   We politely ask for a $5 donation to participate.  All funds go to youth fitness programs.  Ages 4-12, and no experience needed. https://www.crossfit.com/foundation/crossfitforkids 
Labor Day, we’ll have one class at 8:30, at Apex Nature Park at Seymour Fields. Its located on Evans Rd.  We’ll do some work on the sand volleyball courts, just a heads up.
Barbell Club will start up again after Labor Day.  Class times are Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30, and Sundays at 10:30.  Email or message me to reserve your spot, space is limited.  Cost is $60 for the 9 week session.  
We are returning our CFS Fantasy Football League. Draft is Monday 9/3 at 9 pm online. Sign up is at this link: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1324943/invitation?key=f6e6f42318c1c7e3&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=1f7ae4dec6c47db5  
Cost is $20.  
This month’s challenge is a wintry theme, most meters skied on the SkiErg.  With 2 skiers, limit yourself to 500M unless no one is waiting, then keep on skiing! 
Remember, we offer nutrition services to help you meet your goals. You can’t out train a bad diet, and as an athlete you need fuel your body like the sports car it is! Whether you want to lose weight, get meal prep ideas, take it to the next level with macros, fuel for an upcoming competition, or maybe even gain weight, we can help. Schedule an appointment right here to start it off…https://0485673.rcomhost.com/programs/nutrition-services/

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This week….


  • Clean and jerk complex; thruster, running, and burpee metcon


  • Bulgarian deadlifts, single leg box jumps; metcon with 2 leg box jumps and power cleans


  • Lots of pull-ups – for strength, then some in the metcon with wall balls and double unders


  • Partner benchmark: muscle-ups, handstand push-ups and KB swings


  • Heavy back squats; metcon with light deadlifts but heavy jerks and a run mixed in


  • Saved By The Barbell! Bring the kids for a special 9:30 Kids session


  • Handstand work, walks too!; air squat metcon with heavy power snatches