What a nice change of weather this weekend, those cool temps feel good this weekend. After a de-load week of sorts, we’re back at this week with a few tests – clean and jerk, a benchmark workout, and a re-test of an Open workout.  The Open is just 45 days away after all! We will again have our Thursday Night Lights (though may move to Friday based on some feedback, so still TBD).  This Friday at 6:30 we’re having a community service project at the box. You all saw the tremendous amount of money raised for Chaney’s Champions from the Marathon Row event.  Well a lot of that went to buying the bears.  Now those bears need to be un-boxed, and packaged nicely to deliver. Chaney’s Champions will provide pizza for all, and BYOB if you’d like. We have solid group already signed up. Sign up at the box if you are coming so Lee can order the appropriate amount of pizza.  This will be a fun get together while helping out others at the same time. Families and friends are definitely welcome! 

It’s officially time to also welcome our newest coach, Tom Pecora!  Tom has been a member at CFS for several years and if you have ever met him, his positive attitude and passion for CrossFit likely came across right away.  He is a great addition to the staff, and is always thriving to learn more and make people better.  He’s a great motivator and will make us all better.  Bio to come soon, but check him out a class soon.  This Monday at 4 pm to start! 

If you ordered shirts, they are in, and will be labeled and ready for pick up later Monday afternoon.  We have a few extras of the navy-ish blue shirts/tanks available still if interested.  

Labor Day is around the corner too. Monday September 2nd.  As has become a bit of a tradition, we’ll have our classes that day at The Apex Nature Park fields. We’ll start at the sand volleyball court and get on the soccer field too for some fun outside the box.  Times to be announced soon, but we’ll have just morning classes that day, nothing past noon. 

This week, as mentioned is a bit of a test week after our de-load week. Testing the clean and jerk, also a benchmark hero WOD, and re-testing an Open workout 19.???  

 Our Kids class on Thursdays is back in full swing. It starts at 5:30 pm each week.  And our Pre-Teens class started back this Sunday the 25th with Coach Mirka.  We had a big crowd working on KB deadlifts, some knee raises, and running.  That is each week at 11 am on Sunday.  First class is free! 

Our Men’s Softball team is 3-1 after a beat down of JD’s on Wednesday. This week we play Monday at 7 pm at Hunter Street, and then a bye on Wednesday before the Labor Day weekend.

This month our challenge is walking lunges, working on those buns. Few more days this week to get those in. Some people closing in on 2000 lunges!!! A rep is one on the left and one on the right for 1 rep.  No weight, just get after it!

The last CORE for 2019 will start the day after Labor Day. Sign-ups will be up soon to reserve your spot. Or let Jay or me know.  

Get ready, The One Ton Challenge is coming to CFS on December 13th.  Run by one of our new members, Anders, it’s a weightlifting event where you will complete the deadlift, bench press, clean, jerk, snatch, and back squat to attempt 1 rep max and get a total.  One Ton is the goal for men, 1200 pounds for ladies.  Is it obtainable? Yes.  Is it easy, heck no!!! Ok, so maybe you don’t hit 1 ton, I know I’m not hitting that number, but it will be a fun time to go heavy and improve my strength as we work towards that, then set a goal and do it again someday. The goal is to get stronger. Stronger means healthier, means faster, means better…   Here is the link to online version: https://www.theonetonchallenge.com/  but stay tuned for details on the event that we’ll hold at CFS for members to join in on the fun. You may have even seen it at the Games on FitAid’s Instagram page.  In mid-October we’ll kick off a program designed exclusively for this event built around strength, the back squat, and lifting.  

There’s an upcoming 40 mile trail race that you can have anywhere between 1-10 teammates..  It’s called the Shakori Trail Race. It’s a 4 mile loop, and just in Chatham County. Here’s the info – https://www.shakori40ultra.com/ would love to have a team for that too.  Reach out to Nick if you’re interested. 

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This week….
• Back squats; EMOM of thrusters and cardio

• Muscle-up or toes to ring work; metcon of deadlifts and box jumps

• Clean and jerk 1 rep max!  Then a 2019 Open workout

• Benchmark of wallballs, kbs, and box jumps

• Strict gymnastics work; metcon of running, sit-ups, and snatches

• Partner workout – push-ups, runs, deadlift ladder

• Squat cleans, front squats, bar work with a buddy