Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

A very special thank you to all of the coaches who led sessions in my absence this past Monday and Tuesday! Speaking of the coaches, it’s been a fun week of programming, and this week is going to be just as epic. (I’m using your favorite word, Susan!)

Coach James has returned from his 3-month visit to Australia. Welcome back, Coach James! James and I are currently working on scheduling, including morning Barbell Club sessions. Details TBA soon.

The next session of Endurance begins this week, and the very first workout is a Native American run. Endurance is scheduled Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30. The session will often be held on the American Tobacco Trail, so be sure to read the WOD details before attending.

Beginning this week a session will once again be held Tuesday mornings at 7 am.

Beginning Monday, September 12, additional CrossFit Kids sessions will be held Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 5:15 to 6 pm and will be led by Coach Josh. Please let me and/or Coach Josh know if you have kids that will be attending, and please help spread the word!

CFS will be participating in the Lurong Living Championship Challenge and registration has begun. I encourage members committed to actively participating in the Challenge to register. There are currently over 20 members registered, and the Challenge begins September 12.

CrossFit Surmount will be sponsoring the Pollard/Briar Chapel Mustang Stampede Challenge 5K on Saturday, September 10. The workout that day is — you guessed it —a 5k! There will be no sessions held at the box that day, and all members are encouraged to participate in the race. I will be leading the warmup and representing CrossFit Surmount in the race. Yup, I’ll be running in the race.


  • Monday – Coach Nick
    • Cleans
    • Partner tabata
  • Tuesday – Coach Jay
    • Floor presses
    • Peter Gabriel AMRAP
  • Wednesday – Coach Jeff
    • Chipper quintet (40-min time cap)
  • Thursday
    • Fran(ish)
  • Friday – Coach Evelyn
    • Snatches
    • 20-min EMOM quintet
  • Saturday 
    • Partner (teams of 2 or 3) workout
  • Sunday
    • Benchmark WOD


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • Thruster challenge
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • Rowing and burpees


  • Tuesday
    • Native American run (meet at Wimberly entrance of ATT)
  • Thursday
    • Hill repeats (meet at Apex Nature Park)


  • Thursday
    • Partner WOD
    • Shuffle board
  • Sunday
    • Team “Cindy”
    • No dribble basketball


  • Monday
    • Snatch
    • Clean & jerk
  • Tuesday
    • Squat
    • Bench press
    • Max height box jump
  • Thursday
    • Deadlift
    • Press