Anyone else feel those lunges from last Monday, like all week long?  Means we need to do more lunges! (Coincidentally it’s the monthly challenge).   Humidity continues to be the theme with the weather, and last week was no different. Personally I had to stop running on Wednesday as it was just too hot to continue outside.  Make sure everyone continues to hydrate.  This week starts the WODapalooza Online Competition. Let me know if anyone signed up for that. I did, and would love to have some people to do the workouts with at a designated time.  One is released, and more to come on Wednesday.  The Open starts October 10th, and I’d imagine pretty soon online registration will begin soon as well. I’ll certainly post about that when it comes out.  We’ll have a new format for our Intramural Open, sure to be fun for new and veteran members alike! 

If you ordered shirts, they are in, and will be labeled and ready for pick up later Monday afternoon.  The wrist wraps are due in around Tuesday, and will also be labeled for pick up.  We do have a few extras of each to purchase if interested.  

Labor Day is around the corner too. Monday September 2nd.  As has become a bit of a tradition, we’ll have our classes that day at The Apex Nature Park fields. We’ll start at the sand volleyball court and get on the soccer field too for some fun outside the box.  Times to be announced soon, but we’ll have just morning classes that day, nothing past noon. 

This week is a bit of a de-load week in terms of our programming.  Little bit lighter on the weightlifting, and metcons with options for recovery within them. You’ll notice some of them even say “jog” vs “run”.  Based on your training schedule and where you are at, utilize this week appropriately to give your body rest.  

Some changes starting Monday that you’ll notice in the programming as well, is most metcons will now have 3 levels of each workout posted in Wodify.  You’ll see for example a WOD listed with option 1, 2, and 3 that look similar to each other, but each is a little different with different scaling options.  No, we won’t do all 3 in class (I’m sure I’ll get that question), you’ll pick the best one that is closest to your current training level and goals. And again, just like any WOD, you can tweak that as well to fit you.  For example if a WOD has pull-ups and 95# clean and jerks – you could still do jumping pull-ups and 95# clean and jerks if you haven’t got pull-ups just yet.  Mix and match from each level, and our coaches are here to help with what works for you.  

Additionally, after this de-load week, we will begin working on a strength cycle focused on 1 rep maxes on 3 lifts.  Many members have requested this, and many newer members have never done this. It will be beneficial in that regards to help with our percentages for metcons and lifting down the road, and of course quite frankly just making all of us stronger and seeing what we are capable of. A good intro into the One Ton Challenge down the road.    

 Our Kids class on Thursdays will pick up again this Thursday, and our Pre-Teens class will start back this Sunday the 25th at 11 am with Coach Mirka.  

Our Men’s Softball team lost a 11-12 heart breaker last week. This week we play Monday at 8 pm at Hunter Street, and Wednesday at 8 pm at Salem Middle.  

This month our challenge is walking lunges, working on those buns. A rep is one on the left and one on the right for 1 rep.  No weight, just get after it!

August 30th we’ll host a community service night. You all saw the tremendous amount of money raised for Chaney’s Champions from the Marathon Row event.  Well a lot of that went to buying the bears.  Now those bears need to be unboxed, and packaged nicely to deliver. So on Friday August 30th we’ll have a bear wrapping party at the box.  Chaney’s Champions will provide pizza for all, and BYOB if you’d like. Sign up at the box if you are coming so Lee can order the appropriate amount of pizza.  This will be a fun get together while helping out others at the same time.  

CORE wraps up this week.  The last CORE for 2019 will start the day after Labor Day. Sign-ups will be up soon to reserve your spot.  

I’m also too excited to not announce this week that we’re going to do The One Ton Challenge here at CFS in December.  Run by one of our new members, Anders, it’s a weightlifting event where you will complete the deadlift, bench press, clean, jerk, snatch, and back squat to attempt 1 rep max and get a total.  One Ton is the goal for men, 1200 pounds for ladies.  Is it obtainable? Yes.  Is it easy, heck no!!! Ok, so maybe you don’t hit 1 ton, I know I’m not hitting that number, but it will be a fun time to go heavy and improve my strength as we work towards that, then set a goal and do it again someday. The goal is to get stronger. Stronger means healthier, means faster, means better…   Here is the link to online version:  but stay tuned for details on the event that we’ll hold at CFS for members to join in on the fun. You may have even seen it at the Games on FitAid’s Instagram page.  

There’s an upcoming 40 mile trail race that you can have anywhere between 1-10 teammates..  It’s called the Shakori Trail Race. It’s a 4 mile loop, and just in Chatham County. Here’s the info – would love to have a team for that too.  Reach out to Nick if you’re interested. 

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This week….
• Banded gymnastic work; metcon of power snatches, toes to bar, and jog/run

• Power clean EMOM; 1 minute interval metcon of box jumps, DBs, burpees

• Gymnastic work with core work; push jerk and pull-up metcon

• Version of a benchmark workout – burpees, running, pull-ups

• Weighted barbell step-ups; running, squats, push-ups

• Partner workout – deadlifts, toes to bar, farmer carries

• 2019 Games benchmark workout – very gymnastic-centric