I can’t walk well today. Going on almost 9 years of CrossFit, and the Thursday and Friday workout combo got me looking like a brand new baby deer trying to walk! Anyone else? Wow!  Friday especially, squats and squats and squats!  

Wanted to send out a reminder regarding our protocols at the gym.  As we have been back in the gym, we certainly have done a great job of keeping things clean and everyone cooperating and being flexible. But myself included, I think we all have gotten a little too comfortable and forgetting the basic distancing requirements in place.  Remember to still avoid being with 6′ of each other, don’t all congregate at the plates to get weights, and continue those good hygiene habits. Thanks for your cooperation!

Some exciting news, but with limited info at this point, is that with CrossFit news that The Open will be pushed back to February, in conjunction with DekaComp and Michele Letendre, we’ll have an Open-like competition in early fall.  This should provide some fun for all and spice things up as the weather gets a tad cooler.  That’s about all the info I have at this point, but stay tuned. 

Programming wise, we have a good mix of it all this week, with some strength components, ring work, and overall tough conditioning pieces.  We have Thursday a day set aside for you to work on your GOAT – something that nags ya! Good chance to recover and work on a weakness. 

Our men’s softball team is back!  The defending champs kick off their season tomorrow, Monday, 7:45 pm at Hunter Street Park! Let’s go! 

Again, from me and all the coaches, we cannot stress enough how overwhelmed we have been with you support through this challenging time for all of us. Thank you so much.  As we start a new month, and what we have laid out above isn’t for you, please reach out to Nick to discuss membership options for you going forward.

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This week….

• Power cleans and box jumps; then runs, squat cleans, and pull-ups

• Ring dips; then metcon of rowing, burpees, and toes to bar

• Deadlifts; metcon of double unders and front squats

• Goat Day! Not greatest of all time, but something that bugs ya

• Gymnastic work; then metcon of pistols and hang power cleans

• Partner fun – long run, KBs, farmer carries…

• Burpees and broad jumps and and lunges and running!