I’m still running on inspiration from attending The Games last week. You’ll notice a little of that flavor in the programming coming up, with some Games inspired workouts, of course sprinkled in with our Ben Bergeron programming as well and mine as well.

You’ll notice our PR Board is now a Bright Spots Board. The difference is you don’t have to have a new 1 rep max deadlift to put something up. Maybe it was just attending your first 6 am class, that’s a bright spot! Add that on the board. Little wins, they add up to big ones!

Hard to believe we are halfway through August. Many will have kids heading back to school, or you teachers back to the classroom. Remember to sign into the 4 pm class at least 2 hours before if you plan to attend, or it will be cancelled if no one signs in. Make sure you sign in for the class, not Open Gym.

August 26th is our next Intrabox Team Competition and it’s coming up quick!  This is a 4 person, co-ed event.  Sign-ups and standards are at the front desk, including the first workout.  I just released the second event on Facebook as well. We have 8 teams already signed up. There is no limit of teams allowed, but the deadline to sign up is tonight. If you want to participate but don’t have a team, let me know, we can pair you up.   Further details will begin to trickle out on the Facebook page.

5 Star Nutrition will be at the box the day of the Competition as well. They’ll be there giving out samples, and educating on the products they offer.

A new clock has been ordered, so no more issues with timer’s cord. It’s big, shiny, and has lots of cool features like a Tabata clock built in.  Also, a new 5 pounds kids barbell will be arriving any day as well to help our younger ones who are ready to graduate past the PVC pipe, but not quite ready for a 15# bar.

Reminder in terms of barbell and plate care: Please don’t let an empty barbell drop to the ground, or when you take plates off, don’t let the barbell bang on the floor.  Additionally, if your bar has just a pair of 10’s or just a pair or 15’s on them, try to avoid dropping those, as it takes a toll on the plates.  Of course safety first, so if you need to drop them, please do to avoid injury, but avoiding unnecessary dropping will increase the lifespan of all the equipment, and thus allow us to add more and cooler equipment than just replacing plates. Thanks for everyone’s understanding.  And I guess “cooler” is in the eye of the beholder. For example, AirDyne bikes might not be so fun once you really try them, ha-ha.

Again, lots of new members continue to come in, thanks for everyone’s referrals, as that is our #1 source of new members. Keep up the great community work, and welcome and introduce yourself to anyone you don’t recognize.

We are officially registered as a Barbells for Boobs team! We will be having this event on Saturday October 14th. More info to come soon, but pencil that in your schedule. This is a great fundraiser, and certainly has a special place for many of us this year.  You can start fundraising if you’d like or just join our team right now, by going to this link and click here.

Remember our referral program: Anytime you bring a friend in to try out CrossFit Surmount, you get a Fit Aid or Kill Cliff from the fridge on the house! Furthermore, should that person join, your next month’s membership will be discounted by 15%.  Many of you have brought in new members recently, and will see that discount in your next invoice.  There’s no limit to how many drinks you can earn, and how many months of discounts you can earn either.  You love CrossFit Surmount, and it’s more fun with friends and family, so bring them in and reap the rewards. (Note: This program applies to new members only, not bringing in a former member, though we’d love to see them too)

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….


  • Deadlift EMOM followed by a girl benchmark workout


  • Push jerk strength work, and a metcon with front squats, push-ups and double unders


  • A workout from this past year’s Open 17.??


  • Clean and jerk and rope climb metcon, finished with a core focused tabata


  • A Ben Bergeron, and new CrossFit Surmount benchmark


  • 3 person team WOD with some strategy involved


  • Endurance Sunday: Kettlebell swings, toes to bar, and a long run with an object