As we ease back into our regular schedule, keep up that intensity you had all Open, and keep your training goals in front of you.  Murph will be here just a few short weeks away, and that’s always a great yearly benchmark to test your fitness.  I hope you all “enjoyed” Fran this past week to test your fitness as well.  If Murph is a marathon, Fran is the 100 yard dash.  Make sure you put in some good comments in Wodify for that, so when we go back an do that again you can truly compare how much you improve. 

This month, our monthly challenge kicks back up. It is rounds of “Cindy”.  Cindy is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. So before or after a class, get in a few rounds.  This should prep you nicely for Murph in May. 

CORE is underway, and so much energy is coming out of those classes! Come watch one, and get on the list for the next session. 

Programming wise, a new strength cycle starts Monday with some tempo back squats, keep them light and work on depth and timing to build on. Then we’ll work on some clean and jerk work as well mid-week.  Of course the met-cons will be always intense, and as the weather is turning, more running involved too.  

Speaking of running, stay tuned to our Facebook page each week, as Craig posts a Sunday morning meet-up for some running training.  I unfortunately haven’t been able to make one yet, but they look awesome and a great way to start your Sunday. I hope to be there this week.  

Our CFS Men’s Softball plays this week Monday at 9 at Hunter’s Street Park, and Wednesday at 7 at Salem Middle. 

Murph will be Monday May 27th. You can register if you’d like by clicking here , but it’s not required to do the workout. This allows you to get a shirt and donate to the cause.  Make sure you register with CFS as your affiliate, as we are an Official Host.  We’ll likely have 3 classes this year to spread out the crowd, followed by our annual cookout and fun.  Let’s hope for better weather this year.  

Our Pre-teens Kids Class is 11 am on Sundays going forward, led by Coach Mirka. First class always free, this is done on a punch card, and designed for athletes 9-12 years old.  Ask Coach Nick or Mirka if you think it would be good for your child. 

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….
• Tempo back squats; toes to bar and KB metcon

•  Thrusters and cardio; turkish get ups after

• Clean and jerk complex with front squats; AMRAP of burpees, hang power cleans, hand stand push-up[s

• Kelly or Kelli or Kellie?

• Bar muscle-up work; HEAVY overhead squat and pull-up EMOM

• 4 person workout of thrusters and burpees, then a barbell sprint complex with your team

• EMOM style, but AMRAP style too – come to check it out, using DBs