The Open is officially over. It was amazing 3 weeks filled with fitness, family, community, PRs, laughter, sweat, maybe some tears even, but in the end, it was generally just awesome.  So many great efforts and spirit.  We are thrilled to have 4 athletes who are moving onto the Quarterfinals, by finishing in the top 10% of their respective divisions. Congrats to these 4 beasts:

  • Tom
  • Heather
  • Shaina
  • Ashlyn

Ashlyn will start her quarterfinals later this week, and when the workouts are announced, we will try to coordinate times when we can 1) cheer on Ashlyn, and 2) join in the fun and complete the workouts with her for additional support.   Then, in early May, it’s the Quarterfinals for Heather, Shaina, and Tom. We’ll do the same. These are our people, we’re behind you all the way! Great work! 

Our other recognition this week was the Spirit of the Games Award. This was unanimous in that three ladies were mentioned repeatedly by our coaches as deserving.  I received so many nominations, a true testament to our box, but in the end, our winners named are Jana, Susan Brown, and Kristen Harmel.  Congratulations ladies!  This award is best summed up from CrossFit HQ itself: “We have presented the Spirit of the Games award to those who embody CrossFit’s values during the most difficult of competitions — those who exhibit the character, commitment, and sportsmanship we seek to cultivate in our training and our sport. 

In regards to the Intramural Competition, we end with a tie for first! Congrats to Marni’s team “Beasts, Broken, and a Baby Bump”, and to Janet’s team, “1 Hit WODders”.  Loved all the efforts and spirit that make this so fun and what it’s all about.  Hope you guys had fun spicing things up with this little extra “competition” part of it and meeting some new people on your team even.  A banner with the winning team’s names will be up soon! Congrats! 

And our final award from The Open goes to everyone who competed.  It’s official, we are again….


Programming this week is one more week of “transition” from Open to strength training again, and back into a cycle with strength building, as we now have the Open behind, aside from our 4 superstar athletes ;).  For classes, week 14 is still a transition week/phase. We don’t have any other focuses other than variety and fun, challenging workouts. We have movement specific technical drills, gymnastics progressions & technical work, some rope climbs, bench press and….wall walks.

With April, comes Testicular Cancer Awareness month at CFS! On April 24th we will host a special workout, “Karen for a Cause” to raise awareness and money for the aforementioned cause. You’ll notice this week we have some new wall ball targets at the box.  It’s your chance to throw balls at your “favorite” coaches’ face! Thanks to Ashlyn for organizing this cause. Details are on our FB page as well.  We will end that day and the month of awareness with a cookout at the box. 

Our Men’s Softball team moved to 3-0 last week. They’re back at it Monday 9:00 at Hunter Street, then 6:30 on Wednesday at Salem Street.   

And Barbell Club wrapped up on Saturday. Another cycle will start late April/Early May. Be on the lookout for sign-ups. 

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• Hang power clean EMOM; then in my opinion, one of the hardest hero workouts out there. Ironically it’s namesake also played for the Buffalo Bills 

• Gymnastic work; metcon of rope climbs and power snatches and calories

• Overhead squats; metcon of wall balls, double unders, and toes to bar

• EMOM of box jumps and running/rowing

• Bench press returns! metcon of bar muscle-ups, DB snatch, wall walks. Like an Open workout mash-up

• Partner AMRAP: DB step overs, burpee box jump overs, power cleans

• Murph prep but with a kettlebell too