One day delay on the update as our server was down Sunday…
Congrats to Jeff Hartman, Steve Dodge, Mike Allen, and Troy Smith on completing the Ragnar Trail Race in Richmond. That is a challenging race, and a great time. Well done, way to represent! 
Our monthly challenge wraps up today, unless someone did like 2000 push-ups today, Coach Doza takes the month. Well done Doza! If you saw this guy, his commitment to the challenge was amazing. I look forward to seeing him during Murph, he’s going to obliterate those push-ups.  Remember, though we track the total amount, the true challenge is for yourself. Set a goal each month, and push yourself.  My goal was 1,500. I knew after the first week I couldn’t pace with Doza, but I hit my goal.  Stay tuned to Facebook on Tuesday for May’s challenge. 
Murph is perhaps our biggest one day event at CFS (held during Memorial Day weekend), and across most boxes in the world.  It will be held Monday May 28th at 8:30 and 9:45 am.  The workout is tough, as it should be, after you read up on who it is named after. And after, we have an epic cookout, lots of fun, and lots of community! Like any workout, it can be scaled, so don’t be intimidated by the workout. If you want to register on the official Murph site, and get a shirt, or just learn more about the man, check out the link here:
We’ll be rolling out new summer shirts and tanks soon, ‘Merica themed! 
Scheduling Note: Next week, we’ll go back to our regular early monring schedule on Monday mornings. That means a 6 am class only, not a 5:30 and 6:30 am class.  As people’s schedules have eased up, and we hit the spring/summer season, we are adjusting accordingly.  
Scheduling Note part 2: Barbell Club is on vacation this week, that week will be added to the end of this cycle. 

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This week….


  • OHS and T2B


  • Biking, kettlebells, doubles, rope climbs, and running!


  • Heavy snatches with sprints; a true test mentally as well


  • Longer body weight metcon


  • Regional qualifier workout


  • 3 Amigos on Cinco de Mayo


  • Regional qualifier workout #2