When you come in to the gym tomorrow (never miss a Monday), you’ll notice it looks bigger! Your coaches (and Mike A), worked Sunday to clean up the box, move things around, and make it an all around better place.  We gained a lot of more room (so much room for activities!).  Everything has it’s place, and is very well organized. Please let’s keep it that way, for safety, for ease of finding things, and just for cosmetics too! Take pride in our 2nd home.  Thank you coaches so much for the hard work.  We also put up a new Speal bar that is lower for some of our less tall athletes. Also, new lights should be going in later on this week to brighten up the place.  
Yesterday Mark Dixon  crushed The Festivus Games at his first official competition.  He did great, and it’s been awesome to see his rapid improvements and fitness results.  Coach James, Chris Marion, and Jacob also competed at the WODBody Wars. Those were some very tough workouts, and involved carrying exceptionally heavy and odd objects. They represented CFS very well.  We’re all proud of all 4 of you guys.  There are so many local competitions coming up, and I hope you all get some inspiration from these to sign up for one. They’re fun!  I for one am looking at the CrossFit Pathway Summer Splash in August. It involves a swimming WOD, one of my biggest weaknesses, but it will force me to learn this summer and practice. 
Regional workouts for Mike Allen wrap up Monday. He has been attacking them all weekend long, and they are certainly tough ones, but Mike has kept a great spirit and pushes hard. He’s been an inspiration for all.  One more day to get them in, and we’re all still cheering you on Mike! You got this!  
Coming up is Cinco de Mayo, but also the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure. Last year we had a big group out in support of Maryann DeLeon as she was battling cancer.  We’d love to do the same this year and join her to walk or run with her family. Here is the link to sign up and get more info: http://www.info-komen.org/site/TR/RacefortheCure/DUR_NCTriangleAffiliate?pg=entry&fr_id=7112
Murph is perhaps our biggest one day event at CFS (held during Memorial Day weekend), and across most boxes in the world.  It will be held Monday May 28th at 8:30 and 9:45 am.  The workout is tough, as it should be, after you read up on who it is named after. And after, we have an epic cookout, lots of fun, and lots of community! Start your training now, and this year, Coach Doza is leading a special 5 week program tailored just to this workout. Reach out to him or I to let us know you’re in. It’s starts April 23rd, tomorrow morning, and runs Mondays at 6 am, and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for 5 weeks right up to Murph. Like any workout, it can be scaled, so don’t be intimidated by the workout. If you want to register on the official Murph site, and get a shirt, or just learn more about the man, check out the link here: https://themurphchallenge.com/
We’ll be rolling out new summer shirts and tanks around this time too, just as a heads up. 
Scheduling Note: Starting in May, we’ll go back to our regular early monring schedule on Monday mornings. That means a 6 am class only, not a 5:30 and 6:30 am class.  As people’s schedules have eased up, and we hit the spring/summer season, we are adjusting accordingly.  

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This week….


  • Benchmark WOD on the bench and rig


  • Wallballs, rowing, GHDs or sit-ups in descending ladder form


  • Deadlifts, then a fast metcon with rowing, deadlifts, and burpees


  • Gymnastics skill/strength work; EMOM with biking and cleans


  • 45 minute metcon! Running, climb, push…


  • Partner Saturday, intervals of 5 minutes, with 1 minute of rest


  • “Triathlon” training, with a barbell and jump rope too