Week 5 of no box! On one hand I feel like people are getting into a routine, and on the other I feel like that routines have become a challenge. Some of the routines we may like, some we may not.  In terms of the box, we want to make sure you are are not getting in a rut, and we are keeping you motivated with both the programming and coaching.  I have heard some very positive feedback, but we want to get all your feedback on what has worked, and what could work, to bring you the best we can possibly offer during this challenging time for all of us.  On that note, we put together a short survey that we ask you to take a few minutes to complete to give us your honest feedback.  We can give you what you want, let us know what that is.  Thank you as always for your support. The link is here, and also on our FB page: 


As we hope that we are on the back end of the quarantine, know that we are beginning to develop a plan for re-opening and what that looks like.  We are taking everything into consideration, and know that we will have a great plan in place to open back up efficiently, effectively, and most importantly – Safely! 

The Online Fundraiser Open wraps up this Friday the 24th, meaning all your workouts need to be done and entered by then. We will have prizes for top scores and top performances.  The last workout came out this past Friday, and finishes with some spicy single arm dumbbell thrusters. Remember, you have to be in it, to win it. It’s free to sign up, and you can still sign up and get those workouts in.  Only scores recorded on The Games site will qualify for intrabox awards. 

Programming wise, this week we will be challenging but fun. We have 3 days with strength components, and 3 days with Metcon only and we continue our running progression on Sunday. We have a special day on Thursday so be sure to warn people that it will be a doozy…

Reminder on classes and schedule for the coming weeks (let’s hope it’s weeks, not months).  The link to join any Zoom class can be found on our website, www.0485673.rcomhost.com at the very top.  Password is CFS.  We are offering a free class just like normal to everyone, so invite some friends that may want to see what this is all about.  

  • 6 am classes on Zoom on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 5:30 pm Zoom with Jay on Monday and Wednesday.  Note – this will be a group work, and Coach Jay will kick things off, but he’ll join in on the workout as well, so less coaching than the usual class format
  • 9:30 am, Noon, and 4:00 PM Zoom class every weekday
  • 8:30 am Saturday Zoom class
  • 9:30 am Sunday Zoom class
  • Virtual CORE is on! Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30, and Sunday at 1 pm.  You will need a barbell for this strength cycle that will focus on floor press and squat cleans. Included in all your memberships
  • Yoga Zoom on Wednesday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 9 am
  • Kids Zoom class Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 11 am

It’s an easy time to not have that energy and those positive vibes, so we’ll keep on the daily challenges. A few times each week, we will even have some nice prizes up for grabs that you’ll get in the mail.  These will be gift cards to local businesses.  If you were a winner of a recent challenge, be on the look out in that mailbox.  On Facebook, our private member’s group is called “CFS Members”, please request access to join.  On Instagram, our handle is @crossfit_surmount .  Find that and follow us to see our daily challenges.  

I want to stress again how thankful Meredith, me, and all our coaches are for all your support.  You working out at home, and on video, and on Instagram, or whatever is so inspiring.  I know it’s not the same as being at the gym with friends and coaches, but we’re all still doing it, and staying fit, and as they say, “this too shall pass”. Our community is amazing!  With that, I want to again to put this out there: 

  • We will continue to provide you top notch programming from world-renowned coaches with numerous tailored option, and continue the aforementioned 1 on 1 communication and coaching from your personally assigned coach, and continue to work together as a community – laugh, love, lift :). If you feel you are not getting the value in this, and unable to continue, be it that reason, another reason, or financial hardship, please reach out to me to discuss, no hard feelings, it’s a unique time for all of us.  Many of your memberships renew on the first of the month, and we hope you continue to train with us through this upcoming month and beyond for many years. 

Benchmark Weekend is of course put on hold…. Fall will be just jam packed with fun stuff, right?!

Murph is still a go right now, on for May 25th.  But of course that could all change. And let me tell you, this year’s party will be bigger and better than ever. We’ll all need a killer celebration after the start of 2020!  Fingers crossed we can keep that on as per schedule.  Either way, at some point we’re having a big Murph workout and blowout party! 

Our men’s softball team is on hold, let’s hope we play soon! 

Michele Letendre’s clinic of course is postponed as well.  She still wants to come very much, so this will likely be in late summer/early fall as well.   She did host a Zoom workout this week for our members, and she plans to have more, so keep a lookout for those. Great chance to be coached by one of the best, and see what you could expect from the clinic.  

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….Note these are the “class” versions, and we will have tons of at home options

• Front rack lunges; EMOM into AMRAP metcon of pull-ups, sit-ups, sled pushes

• Kneeling strict press; 

• Long metcon of running, toes to bar, and DB shoulder to OH

• All the girls put together! This should get fun, quick! 🙂 

• Some pulling and pushing gymanstics work, then a metcon of cardio, doubles, and thrusters! 

• Partner workout! Virtual reality style

• Track/running day, and a Hustle workout as the WOD