Hope everyone enjoyed the hero WOD, Kalsu! That is an all-time metcon you won’t soon forget, or want to do again.  This upcoming week, we have a special WOD on Wednesday for Izzy Brock, who’s birthday is Wednesday.  It is a partner WOD in her memory to celebrate an amazing young girl.  

With the Open wrapped up, this week was the Quarterfinals.  This was for any athlete that finished in the top 10% overall, or their division. The overall quarterfinals started Thursday, and finish up Sunday for Heather and Ashlyn.  Five very tough “tests” as they are called, but our ladies have given it their all, and made us proud. It’s an amazing accomplishment to get that far!   Later in May, Tom, Shaina, and Heather again (since she qualified for the open division and masters) will give their Quarterfinals a go.  Congratulate all 4 of them next time you see them, it’s some elite company they are in! 

And I gotta say it again…  It’s official, we are again….


Programming this week marks the beginning of a strength phase. Week 15 will begin with some tempo squats on Monday then on Tuesday we test a some gymnastics strength and Wednesday we have some Olympic lifting work. Friday we continue the strength building with some strict presses. Metcons will include a lot of body weight and lighter loads with higher volume alternating intensities from day to day

With April, comes Testicular Cancer Awareness month at CFS! On Sunday April 25th we will host a special workout, “Karen for a Cause” to raise awareness and money for the aforementioned cause. You’ll notice this week we have some new wall ball targets at the box.  It’s your chance to throw balls at your “favorite” coaches’ face! Thanks to Ashlyn for organizing this cause. Details are on our FB page as well.  We will end that day and the month of awareness with a cookout at the box. 

Our Men’s Softball team moved to 4-1 last week, suffering our first loss of the season. New uniforms are looking super sharp, as we have co-sponsored the team this season with Inflate-A-Party.  Check them out for all your bounce house and fun party needs this summer. This week we play Monday 7:45 at Hunter Street, then a bye on Wednesday.

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• Back squats, lots of reps, but light; 10 minute AMRAP or hang power cleans, box jumps, wall balls hots

• 30 HSPU for time; metcon of double unders, pull-ups, burpees

• Snatch work; special partner WOD for Izzy

• 3 Open style metcons all in one with a running clock! 

• Shoulder press; then a benchmark workout with short intervals of push-ups, power cleans, and air squats

• Partner WOD: Adam Brown

• Endurance for sure: Lots of rowing/biking/running with DB step overs to break it up