CrossFit Surmount – CrossFit

Metcon (16 Rounds for time)

E4MOM x 16mins: 400m

E4MOM x 16mins: 300m

E4MOM x 16mins: 200m

E4MOM x 16mins: 100m
This happens in sequence on a running clock for a total of

64mins. Run each interval as hard

as possible.

Metcon (26 Rounds for time)

EMOM 26 min

4 High Box Jumps

5 Med Ball Cleans

6 Ring Rows/Pull Ups

Minute 9, and 18 are Full Rest
Body Weight:

4 Jump Over Object

6 Pistol Squats

6 Towel Rows

Minute 9, and 18 are Full Rest

Scale Pistols:

– Reverse Lunges

– Assisted: